Chapter 27

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"Oh, and baby? I met my business partner's son and he is so cute! Would you like me to schedule you a date?" I just facepalmed while Nayeon and Jeongyeon are still laughing. I don't know why but I feel so embarrassed.

"A... date?" Mina suddenly asked and our eyes then met. Her eyes were so dark and I cannot read them. She's in her mysterious and unreadable expression again while Nayeon and Jeongyeon just laughed discreetly. I just smiled at Mina and shook my head.

"D- don't listen to her, Mina-ssi." And she just smiled and nodded as she put some spices on the pot.

"Well, whatever darling. But Chaeyoung? Can we talk outside and leave the beautiful ladies here for a bit?" Everyone's eyes were on us as they waited for my answer. I just nodded.

"Yeah. Sure, dad. Lead the way." 

"Be sure to refrain talking about women!" Dad and I just laughed at mom after we excused ourselves in the kitchen.

I noticed that we were in the backyard of the Lim's house where a swimming pool was located with beach chairs and a table with an umbrella. We then sat there as we look at the swimming pool. 

"So, what are we gonna talk about dad?" Dad then took a deep breath and leaned his back on the backrest of the chair.

"Do you like her, Tiger?" My eyebrows just furrowed.

"Who do you mean dad?"

"Myoui Mina? Doyoung's youngest step-daughter?" 

"Oh. Uh, um..." I was looking for my voice, not an answer. I was having a hard time telling dad about it as I scratch my nape. I then heard dad chuckled.

"I shouldn't ask that. It was already obvious. Haha. But seriously, Chaeng-Chaeng. I just received a mail from Yoo Doyoung about you and his daughter." I snapped my head to him with wide eyes.

"Really? What... What did he say?" Dad just nodded and sighed.

"He just told me about what he has already stored for the both of you, especially marriage. I haven't replied to him about it yet and also, I didn't tell your mom about it because I know she'll freak out and might even do the same thing as to what happened to you and your ex back then." I just let out a deep sigh as I remember my first ex that is the daughter of mom and dad's business partner in Japan.

Mom was so mad when she knew I'm in a relationship with my ex because I ruined her friendship with my ex's parents and mom then threw me to Japan after that. Everything was so sudden that I didn't get to talk to her. 

The funny thing is, we didn't break up properly. Does that mean we're still girlfriends? Lol.

And dad, my savior, didn't know about it cause he was in Spain with an event. He was happy for me although we are both scared of mom because mom can be scary sometimes. I just felt dad's big and soothing hand on my back.

"Chaeng, just tell me if you don't want that to happen again and make sure this time, I will let you keep Mina." I just chuckled and scratch my head.

"L- let me think about it, dad." I then noticed Ji-eun unnie on the doorway as she waved her hand trying to get our attention.

"Dinner is ready, guys!" 

"We'll be there in a minute!" I shouted and Ji-eun unnie just nodded went back inside. I then return my gaze to dad.

"I will wait for your answer and watch over your mom." I nodded and we then went back inside after a few moments of silence.

Uncle Yoo Doyoung. That adult man is so pushy. I get that he likes me for his daughter but I never thought that he'd go far by asking my dad directly. 

Everyone was already in the dining table and my eyes then met Mina who's already staring at me. I just smiled at her and I noticed that the seat beside her was the only seat that is available.

"Cub! Come here!" Jeongyeon that sits beside Nayeon just taps the vacant seat that's in between them and I just smiled and march my way there. I then sat on the seat as I noticed lingering stares on me. I just looked at her.

"Uh, are you okay?" She then smiled.

"How about you? You seem troubled. Is there something wrong?" I just shook my head and uncle Jun then popped a wine as they did a little speech while we, teenagers, just keep on eating.

So many foods were being served that we were like in a buffet. Jeongyeon and I keeps on tasting each other's experiments while Mina keeps on feeding me. 

"So, Mina dear, have you ever had a boyfriend?" Mom asked and everyone was waiting for her answer. Mina then shook her head with a proud smile.

"No, aunt Ji-young. I never had one. I actually don't have time for that since I am busy in school." Mom then clasped her hands as she cooed at Mina.

"Aww you're such a hard-working child, aren't you?" Everyone just nodded.

"She could be her father's successor someday. She's good at managing things anyway." Uncle Jun added Mina just smiled shyly.

 "Well, how about you, Jeongyeon?" And Nayeon and I just snapped on Jeongyeon who is munching her food. She then put her chicken and smiled at mom.

"I'm g-" I just covered her mouth with a chicken as I smiled at mom who's eyebrows knitted while uncle Jun, aunt Taeyeon, and Ji-eun unnie just stifled a laugh. As the one who owns the school, I bet they already know Jeong's doings but they just shrug it off.

"She's good without it, mom. She's almost the same as Mina. Right, Nayeon? Mina?" And the two just nodded agreeing to me.

And the dinner continued with follow-up questions with the two and they keep answering, no. Mina was always the one answering while Nayeon and I keep on stopping Jeongyeon from talking something that could harm me or us. 

Minutes later and the dinner ended and it went well. The old folks with
Ji-eun unnie were then in the living room drinking champagne while we young ones were already in the pool.

Since tomorrow's Sunday, they will have a sleepover here. They also even brought their own swimwear and sleepwear while I didn't bring any. But mom thankfully mom brought some extra rashguards and my old trunks so I can have fun in a 5 to 6.5 feet pool.

Oh yes, I hope my hickeys are not going to be expossed.


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