Chapter 13

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It was a gloomy morning when I walk into the sidewalk. I'm on my way to school, walking since Mina texted me that she can't come to school.

She's tired and she needs rest although she really wanted to be with me. But she'll be back immediately to spend time with me.

Just reading her text makes me think that she's my girlfriend. Clingy girlfriend to be exact. I just stop on my tracks as I got lost into my thoughts.

"Girlfriend...? Huh." Should I take a risk on Mina? But what if... she'll reject me? That she only sees me as a friend? Or worse, she'll expel me? Oh, fuck.

I groan and ruffle my hair. I continued to walk as I turn my music off and keep my earphones in my pocket suit.

My life is perfect now. Well, almost perfect, and I should be contented on what I have right now.

Plus, my love life's a mess now and I don't want Mina to be part of it. It will only be a mess just like my past relationships.

"Just fucking give up, Chaeyoung." I whispered and just laugh bitterly as I enter the school.

"Morning, Chaeyoung sunbae!" I was back on my feet when a group of students greeted me. I just waved back at me and walk.

"Small Bean!" I turn around and shoot a glare at Jeongyeon who is showing off her dribbling skills like she was in a court. I just laugh at her silliness while the other students were admiring her. Psh, What a crackhead.

I know she's the team's captain and last year's MVP but she honestly looks like an idiot right now while making me the opponent that would steal the ball from her anytime.

I then noticed Dahyun, Wheein, and Seulgi coming towards us. They were already wearing a jersey with our P.E uniform in it.

"Hey grumpy and small baby cub!"

I just waved at them in response while I am still distracted by the way they call me and Jeongyeon getting fired up. Dahyun smacks her head that made her stop as Wheein took the ball from her.

"Yah. We're not yet in the gym and you're already sweating." Seulgi complained and we just agreed. Jeongyeon snickered.

"I just can't afford to lose this game, guys. You already know that." Jeongyeon clenched her jaw probably remembering something awful. I just shrug.

"Well, except for me. I don't anything about what happened before."

They looked at me before they stare at each other. What's with those stares? Jeongyeon then draped her arm around my neck.

"It's nothing for you to worry about, Son Chaeng. Just cheer on us and we'll be happy small bean." She then tapped my chest pull herself away from me. Aish, Right I'm small.

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever let's just go or coach Park will whip us again." Wheein deadpanned and they just shrug.

"See you later at lunch, Cub." I was about to reply back when Wheein then headlock me as they try to steal some kisses from me.

"H- hey! It's gross! Do you know what is a gay social distanding?!" I am struggling to get the hell out from them and they just laugh at me while they already kissed my cheeks.

I tried to kick their asses, but they just laugh at my state and ran away. I fix the strap of my bag on my shoulder and shook my head.

"Dumbasses," I mumbled and just went to my locker without that crackheads or Mina.

I went to the photography club, walking briskly just to get in there, afraid that I'll be late.

I'm sitting in front of Sakura along with other members, listening to her discussing what, where, when, and who we are going to snap a photo in the event, especially that student from Incheon all-girls high named Son Seungwan.

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