Chapter 10

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It's already 8 in the evening and I'm in Nabong's room sitting on her fluffy baby pink bed right now while eating popcorn in a bowl although we haven't watched a movie yet.

I'm gonna sleepover here since my favorite cousin called me to watch movies that Dahyun and Wheein recommended her.

It's Saturday anyway, so I rush here and have nothing to do in my apartment.

So here I am, sitting comfortably on her bed while she's doing something outside. My phone then beeped beside me so I took it and read a message.


How I wish I was there. 😭

I chuckled, reading Jeongyeon's mesage and replied to her.

I don't think that's a great idea. 😝

I put down my phone and thought of what just happened the past few days.
I still can't believe that I met Mina and Jeongyeon's parents and they even like me to the point that they want me to be their daughter's wife soon.

I can't even date their daughter despite the fact that she gave us permission to date somebody. But that doesn't mean I can date her, can't I?

My train of thoughts broke when I heard the door clicked and I lifted my head up. I then saw Nayeon smiling so cheekily. She obviously seems happy.

"Guess who's here." She then grinned while I frown as I put the bowl of popcorn.

"Who?" Before Nayeon could answer it, the door behind her just opened.

The woman who makes my heart flutter and was pushed by her parents to be my wife just appeared beside my cousin. She was wearing cute black sleepwear and cute white fluffy slippers.

Shit. Don't tell me she'll sleepover with us!?

"Hello, Chaeyoung-ah." She then flashed a gummy smile at me. I stood up feeling nervous as I swallowed a lump.

"M- Mina. You're... You're here." Is Nayeon playing with me? I just told her what happened about my dinner with her family and now she invited her without me knowing!?

I looked at Nayeon and she was grinning like a devil with a mischievous plan. I'll definitely pinch those cheeks and stretch them out later on.

"I am." And Mina just shrugged and walked towards me.

She then hugged me tight, letting me engulf her sweet jasmine smell. I hugged back while giving Nayeon a death glare but she just sticks out her tongue at me.

"I am so happy we're complete!" Nayeon just clapped her hands while jumping like a rabbit. She should be a turtle soon.

"So, what are we going to watch?" Mina asked while holding my waist. Nayeon then taps something on her iPad and then showed it to us. I just frown.

"Sausage party?" Mina and I said it in chorus as we looked at Nayeon.

"Yes! Wheein said it's all about food. Dahyun also suggested other movies but we'll watch this first, shall we?"

"Sure, Nayeonie. Go ahead." Mina then crawls on Nayeon's bed as she rests her back on the headboard. She just caught my attention.

The way she crawls on the bed was so seductive that I can't even dare to look away. I saw her smirk and tapped her right side.

"Sit here, Chaeyoung-ah." I hesitantly obliged and sat beside her and right after I sat, she then snuggled herself on me.

Her leg wrapping me while her head is on my chest and her arm is hugging my waist. My body was so tense. Can she feel it? This is so awkward.

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