Chapter 4

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I woke up feeling so motivated and excited to go to school. I feel so light like a feather being dragged by the wind to nowhere. I'm on cloud nine.

Call me a weirdo, but I even greet the people passing by me as I hum and look like a bunny jumping while on my way to school.

And oh, about that dream I had days ago? it was the most realistic dream I ever had! How can a dream felt so real? It was so vivid that I feel like I'm watching an HD quality dream.

But when I woke up, I tried to make sure that everything was the same and there is no trace of Mina in my apartment. Not even a scent of her left.

In fact, when I woke up, my room smells like my lavender air freshener and my hands smell like hand sanitizer. Even my duvet and boxers are in place.

That dream wasn't real and I am so disappointed in myself for being disappointed. Aren't I crazy?

But I noticed myself thinking about Mina these days. There was not a day that I didn't think of her.

She would always cross on my mind and my body's acting up like those ticklish feeling in my stomach, those rapid heartbeats, sometimes daydreaming while staring at her in the middle of the class.

I don't understand myself anymore but one thing's for sure.

I wanna see her every damn day.

I was walking in the school's hallway and students, especially juniors with a shade of pink on their cheeks greeted me. But I notice how the students right now are so close to each other. They're not gossiping or something.

When you talk to someone, would you trap them between your arms with your hands resting on the locker or on a tree trunk?

It seems like they are flirting with each other actually with those smiles. Does Mina even know about this? I just shook my head and opened my locker.

"Cub!" I peek my head behind the door of my locker and there, Jeongyeon is rushing towards me. She's such a rule breaker.

She shouts and runs into the hallway which is prohibited. Mina will be mad at her if she knew about this. I close my locker and holds my shoulders with her eyes sparkling.

"You know you're dead to your sister, right?" She shakes her head while stomping her feet. Just what is wrong with her?

"That's the point, Chae! She won't know!" I just laugh in amusement. Such a dork.

"What do you mean?" She clicks her tongue in frustration.

"Student council officers are out for the whole day, bitch!" I tilt my head in confusion as I squint my eyes at her.

"Aren't you an officer as well?" She huffs and holds my arms.

"This is the day where gays are making a move to their target Chaeng and I won't miss that chance!"

I gawk for seconds and nod. Now I understand why everyone's acting weird today. I notice Seulgi, Dahyun, and Wheein running towards us.

"They're out now," Seulgi says panting along with the two.

"That was risky, Jeongyeon-ah," Wheein mumbles and slaps Jeongyeon's arm.

"What does this mean, Jeong?" Jeongyeon then smirks at me.

"I escaped with the help of these gays." And she let out an evil laugh and I facepalm.

"You better treat us to lunch today." Dahyun quips. Jeongyeon taps their shoulders.

"You will be rewarded for helping me today, my dear comrades." And she kisses their cheeks which made the girls wipe their cheeks in disgust. I just chuckle as I open my locker again since I forgot to get my water.

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