Chapter 5

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I'm at Jeongyeon's room right now with Seulgi, Wheein, and Dahyun. Jeongyeom called us to come over to her house since her parents are out of town and she's feeling lonely.

Also, she wanted us to join playing Mobile Legends while sitting on the carpeted floor. So here we are, trash-talking to each other while playing in rank game.

"Seulgi! You're the tank so why are you behind me!?" Wheein's so irritated when she died. She's the marksman of the game, and she's using the hero Granger, her favorite. I just laugh at them.

"Can't you see I'm dying because of that Claude's ultimate!?"

They are literally shouting right now while I'm doing my own business. But I curse when I almost died. Thankfully I was able to escape.

"Yah Jeomgyeon! That's my buff you stupid!" Dahyun, the assassin and is using Fanny in the rank game, was fighting over the red buff with Jeongyeon who is a fighter and is using Aldous.

"Ha! Sorry not sorry!" Jeongyeon replies and I shake my head while laughing. I'm using Nana and I'm clearing some lanes while waiting for Jeongyeon to accompany me in the middle lane of the game.

"Jeongyeon unnie. Why are you so-"

We stop playing to see who barges in with a lazy and sleepy voice. But my heart skips a beat when I see Mina. She's still looking sleepy with her disheveled hair and lazy eyelids.

But she looks so hot with that white nightgown that all of us are gaping. Her eyes widen when she finally acknowledges us as she covers her breasts. Jeongyeon forces us to turn our heads to the other side.

"Mitang, I'm sorry. Did we wake you up?" Oh, she's still sleeping? But it's already two in the afternoon. With Jeongyeon standing in our way, I still manage to see her and she shakes her head.

"I- it's okay. I was..." Our eyes meet and she immediately averts her gaze and look at Jeongyeon. "I thought I heard someone familiar's voice shouting so I rushed in here."

"Sorry, ms. President. We'll lower our voices." Wheein apologizes but receives a smack from Jeongyeon for staring at Mina.

"It's okay. And please don't call me ms. President outside the school. Just call me Mina. Excuse me. I'll go out now." And she leaves us zoning out because of her.

"Damn. I never thought I'd see her wearing like that." Wheein whistles.

"Yeah. She was so sexy on it." Dahyun licks her lips, making Jeongyeom growl.

"Yah! Stop it! You're talking about my precious sis! And stop watching porn asshole, You should continue praying!" Jeongyeon croaks.

We laugh and continue playing. But our hearts crush when we see the word 'DEFEAT' on the screen.

"NOOOOOO!" And we cried our hearts out.

We're fine now. A little bit fine. If you're wondering why we're so emotional earlier, it's because one star left and we should be on mythic rank right now which is the highest rank of the game and we'll be considered as a pro, I think.

But we just lost one star! A freaking one last star for goodness sake!

Now, we're having a break and eat some chips and chocolates to relieve our stress and get lost in thoughts at Myoui's mansion's dining room.

Jeongyeon was eating her 2nd pizza. Seulgi is eating a gummy bear. Wheein is eating Pepero. Dahyun is eating chips while I am eating strawberry with chocolate. Mina was the one who served it to us after she heard our cries and laugh at us earlier. But my heartache honestly healed when I saw her gummy smile.

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