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I'm in Love With a Psycho Dekubaku by Hiraeth_153
I'm in Love With a Psycho Dekubakuby Hiraeth_153
Bakugo has broken up with his boyfriend after he caught him cheating on him. Because of this, it has caused him to have trust issues. He's trying to get over him but can...
Psychopath | s.reid by lovelyazull
Psychopath | s.reidby lovelyazull
Angel Greystone went from being the psychopath daughter to an fbi profiler. Criminal minds Seasons 9- more idk
Psychopath ( X Reader ) by MonishaMoniS
Psychopath ( X Reader )by Monisha Moni .S
Yn comes through an unknown murder mystery. Where she has to face a psychopathic criminal. will she be able to catch the criminal. let's see Yn: You psycho mother f*cker...
Behind That Door by ssupppppy
Behind That Doorby BlueDreams
Ethan was nine when they locked him behind that door. Why? Because he killed his own father so he was condemned to live a life of utter isolation behind that door for th...
All or Nothing by rainy26541
All or Nothingby G-String
[Volume 2 in Progress] The Sequel to The White Room Troubles is finally here! Follow Kiyotaka on his journey for freedom, peace of mind and the protection of the people...
(𝐏𝐬𝐲𝐜𝐡𝐨)𝐬𝐢𝐬 by VoodooBytes
(𝐏𝐬𝐲𝐜𝐡𝐨)𝐬𝐢𝐬by Cupid 🏩
ON HIATUS (Psycho)sis ; » Hallow's Creek is a small town located almost directly in the middle of Maine. The small town has made national news several times over the pa...
UNTHERAPY || kth✅ by aayatae
UNTHERAPY || kth✅by ♔
therapist!taehyung x client!reader (doctor borderline psycho au) Genre: Horror/Yandere PsychologicalThriller [TW: Toxic stuff, but it's crack and fun. Violence, strong...
Moran - Dare to Love by Kriya00004
Moran - Dare to Loveby kriya
A story tells about Monami Mahajan, a soon-to-be graduate, freelanced by Karan Shergill, a young psychologist. But who would have known a short time would turn into 'li...
Lethal Lust ✓ by acetylcholinee
Lethal Lust ✓by acetylcholinee
Elijah and Jess had been unbreakable since high school, so it comes as no surprise to anyone when the young couple decides to tie-the-knot. But when Jess's feisty and vo...
BLUE BLOOD by basylysk
THOSE WITH BLUE BLOOD HAVE A HEART THAT RUNS COLD. Queens Academy permits only the wealthiest of the wealthy to attend, but Vesper Du Sang does not apply, she is invited...
Make Them Scream by AmyMarieZ
Make Them Screamby Amy Marie Z
After a mysterious vehicle runs them off the road, Alex and his bandmates must fight for their lives to escape a vicious pack of wolves who bear unsettling similarities...
Alice in Borderland: The Cycle Continues by Joker_107
Alice in Borderland: The Cycle R.J. Scott
⚠️ ===SPOILER WARNING=== ⚠️ This is a series based off of Alice in Borderland. It is a manga that was subsequently turned into a Netflix live adaptation. This series wi...
Resident Evil VIII : Village (Ethan Winters X Alcina Dimitrescu) by Leomantic
Resident Evil VIII : Village ( Leomantic
Just as he and his wife Mia start getting their life back together, Ethan Winters life takes another turn for the worse when Mia is murdered and his daughter kidnapped...
Torture by mrxble
Tortureby mira™
"If he loves you.." "He would do anything for you" "even kill for you or maybe worse?" Disclaimer: Disturbing book, not for weak nerves. M...
Detective love 🕵🏻‍♂️🕵🏻||kth x reader|| by kimmarya16
Detective love 🕵🏻‍♂️🕵🏻||kth Taenafictions
A team of detective collaborate with another group of professionals for a top secret mission. What happens when completely opposites meet each other....a rollercoaster o...
Obsessed Lover 2  by Queen_Of_Twists
Obsessed Lover 2 by Queen_Of_Twists
With the request of my readers, Obsessed Lover is back with second part... Well there is no connection of the first part with it... It is totally different from the firs...
DARLING SINS (Park Jimin X reader) by Bluebeing
DARLING SINS (Park Jimin X reader)by netherlandsway
An unexpected patient seems to find his way to an asylum. Being well-known for his psychic behavior and the brutal murder of many, namely women. Park Jimin, a convicted...
Bhool Bhulaiyaa by itsamrita123
Bhool Bhulaiyaaby Ammu
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My Lovely Wife: Jennie✔️ by bitchiswild
My Lovely Wife: Jennie✔️by bitchiswild
Every marriage has secrets. Everyone has flaws. Your wife isn't perfect - you know that - but then again, nor are you. But now a serial killer is on the loose in your sm...
Psychotic Love: Faded || JJK by a_blossoming_flower
Psychotic Love: Faded || JJKby -
What happens when you wake up in a room all alone... without any memory of your own existence? What happens when you're told a story about yourself? Can you bring your...