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My Psycho Boss by littlemissgrey
My Psycho Bossby littlemissgrey
"Baby I would never hurt you..", he whispered in my ear as he trapped me in between him and the wall. "Your mine.", he whispered once again as he ki...
  • obsession
  • love
  • possessive
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Devil's Lake by AngMerlo
Devil's Lakeby Angela Merlo
A young woman tormented with severe anxiety disorders encounters a man with the power to compel her inner-demons away, but the mystery of who and what he is challenges h...
  • paranormal
  • youngadult
  • phobia
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My Darling Delilah by Habiba_Elsadany
My Darling Delilahby Habiba El-Sadany
Much like any guy, Dean wants to find the girl of his dreams. He thinks his wish has come true when he meets the perfect stranger, Delilah. He immediately falls in love...
  • featured
  • stalker
  • obsession
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Perchance to Dream- Book I [EDITING] by rhythmchyc
Perchance to Dream- Book I [ L.M.M.
[Wattpad Picks: Editors' Choice] He electrified her then disappeared without a trace. Fiery college junior Katherine Miller strives for an award-winning journalism caree...
  • love
  • drama
  • facebook
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Teenage Baby by Anyone187
Teenage Babyby Anyone187
Completed. #1 in Mystery/Thriller (29/5/2018) "No one will hurt you ever again, baby," he whispered. "Mommy, Daddy, and Uncle Lou will make sure of that...
  • mystery-thriller
  • mentalabuse
  • thriller
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Captured by KellyAnneBlount
Capturedby Kelly Anne Blount
OPTIONED BY SONY TELEVISION PICTURES & KOMIXX ENTERTAINMENT 2014 Watty Award Winner, Selected by @PPZmovie for the Best Female Horror Stories, and Selected by @Th...
  • kidnapping
  • dark
  • sony
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Not So Innocent | Jai Brooks. AU by janoabbie
Not So Innocent | Jai Brooks. AUby janoabbie
What happens when you're faced with a mental patient who controls you? Do you try and leave or do you face the consequences? *CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE, SEXUAL REFERENCES...
  • lukebrooks
  • danielsahyounie
  • louisescott
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mania; ski/x by sadrat
mania; ski/xby jit
When Jahseh comes across a misfitted and obscure boy, he finds himself befriending him. However, he begins to perceive a feeling of uneasiness after a few eerie encounte...
  • lgbt
  • romance
  • stokeleygoulbourne
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How I Became a Killer(ON HOLD) by expertfangirl37
How I Became a Killer(ON HOLD)by Aliyah
"They need to run. They won't have a chance. I'm coming for them. I'm ready to kill." How Maya, a "normal" girl, becomes a serial killer. She u...
  • murderess
  • hate
  • psycho-thriller
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ѕнe wolғ by AlyssFlaky
ѕнe wolғby Lin Lin
norтнway era υna perѕona вaѕтanтe coмplιcada de тraтar. нaвía eмιgrado мáѕ veceѕ de laѕ qυe podía conтar, aнora a υna peqυeña cιυdad al eѕтe de ѕιnaloa, dυrango. creía q...
  • murder
  • horror-thriller
  • psycho-thriller
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It Shall Be Revealed : A Dark Fantasy Story by csbegu
It Shall Be Revealed : A Dark C. S. Begu
On the 11th day of the 11th month, the morning sun casting a ray on Red Hunter's Pond will bring forth a being of light that takes you to the Gate of Death. There you ca...
  • fantasy
  • wattys2018
  • newyork
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L U L L A B Y  by Writing_Roses
L U L L A B Y by Rosalyn Claud
Different lullabies everyday, different people, and different events. The voices in their heads snatching them away from their beloved ones, tricking them into believin...
  • thriller
  • mysteriousletters
  • events
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One Cut by CasiaCourtier
One Cutby Casia Courtier
Irina knows that being beautiful means being successful. She'll do just about anything to get exactly what she deserves in life.
  • horror
  • murder
  • psychological-thriller
Addicted - K.T.H by taehyungie_02
Addicted - K.T.Hby taetae_moshi♥
beware of the heartless who made your heart beat quickly. he just using her's because he's won't start.
  • psycho-thriller
A Stalker on Wattpad by BeeBusy
A Stalker on Wattpadby BeeBusy
Rob was Alicia's first follower on Wattpad. But little did she know, as she posted chapter after chapter on the site, that Rob was more than just another follower....
  • mystery
  • psychological-thriller
  • thriller
Pumpkin seed by 66mew66
Pumpkin seedby 66mew66
Death... demons... visions... blood... All of which must be tamed by none other than a mass murderer, a dead mass murderer at that. Pumpkin seed is a horrifying yet mag...
  • fictionalcharacters
  • butterflyaway
  • children
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Anonymous Writers (Book #2) by Lila_Wayne
Anonymous Writers (Book #2)by Lila Wayne
Sequel to "Anonymous". Trouble loves fifteen-to-be Vanessa Orville. Back to school after the winter holidays, during her routine walks in the woods, she discov...
  • humour
  • thriller
  • friends
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Blood on Our Hands by For_The_Love_Of_Boys
Blood on Our Handsby For_The_Love_Of_Boys
I take a deep breath through my nose, the metallic scent being all that surrounds me, a scent that would disgust most people, one that makes me feel giddy, I look down t...
  • mature
  • romance
  • serialkillers
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In the Most Wicked of Ways by michaelcasteel77
In the Most Wicked of Waysby michaelcasteel77
What if you were her? What would you have done? Would it be the same choice as Julia, or would you choose a different path? This psychological thriller will invite the r...
  • leviathan
  • death
  • psychologicalthriller
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