Chapter 19

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But Jeongyeong tricked Wendy by passing the ball to Wheeim. She then charged forward as she tries to shoot.

But Wendy already jumped, making Wheein stopped and pass it to Jeongyeon who is running away from Wendy who keeps blocking her.

She passed the ball to Seulgi and she tried to move while Shuhua was blocking her.  

"Cub! Catch!" I was snapped when Seulgi threw the ball to me. Luckily, I was able to catch it although it almost fell on the ground.

"Run, Chae!" Jeongyeon shouted between Miyeon and Soojin. I quickly run when I saw Soojin charged towards me.

"Guys, help!" And I run around the court while hugging the ball. The referee then blew his whistle as he pointed at me like I did something wrong. 

"Traveling!" And I shrugged at the referee when he took the ball from me. I just heard Wendy and her team laugh so as the crowd.

"Chaeng! What are you doing!?" My gang came to me.

"Soojin was chasing me and you told me earlier to defend the ball with my dear life so I did!" And they all facepalmed.

"Oh fuck." Wheein covered her face while Dahyun was laughing so hard.

Seulgi smacks their heads while Jeongyeon cupped my face and forced me to face her sweaty face.

"That's a good thinking, but no! You have to dribble the ball and pass or shoot it! Understood?"

And I nodded as they scatter around. I've been doing what they told and I was having a hard time adjusting.

They only used me as a distraction here, especially when they're on one-on-one and I'm in between them.

But Wendy and Jeongyeon were so fired up that they keep on chasing each other. But they are so good. They keep on shooting and blocking while I am just running around like a fan who wants to see their idols up close.

Time has passed and we only have two minutes and our score is already 89 while Incheon has 92. It has been like that for the last three minutes now and nothing changed.

We just keep on blocking while Wendy and her teammates were also doing the same. We're running out of breaths and my throat is so freaking dry. 

"Let's win this, guys. I don't care even if it costs our lives." We nodded and scattered around as I'm trying to grasp the game's rules and its tactics.

Jeongyeon told us to keep passing the ball to her so we did. But it seems that the opponents knew about it, so they keep on guarding Jeongyeon instead of us. 

"Hey!" Dahyun shouted and Jeongyeon then passed the ball to her.

Dahyun attempted to shoot, but she passed it to me. I ran around while trying to dribble the ball until I noticed Wheein available, so I passed it to her.

She tried to shoot the ball but it was blocked my Shuhua. Seulgi snatched the ball from her, and I run away as I waited for the ball to land on me. 

Well, we're just tossing and passing the ball around while people have been shouting incoherent words until I noticed Jeongyeon already open, so I pass it to her.

She charged forward and Wendy, Soojin, and Minnie then ran to her, trying to block the flying No Jam. But she was hit by Wendy's knee that made her flew away. 

Jeongyeon somehow shoots the ball behind the ring before she fell on the ground that our eyes just widened.


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