Chapter 43

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Yulia's POV:

My heart sank at the words.

Maybe I wanted to dismiss what I heard accidently as a misunderstanding. 

But in the end, I was right. 

No, the original was not wrong. 

I was right to judge that Chester had never loved me for a single moment.

 The original story was right. 

Then, my ending and my family’s death won’t change?


He will eventually be obsessed with the female lead. 

Maybe it was just that he didn’t act like the original because it wasn’t time yet.

I already knew, but why do I feel so sad? 

And why am I surprised? 

There’s nothing to be shocked about. 

Why do I feel like my head is pounding? 

Why does it feel so painful? 


I came out of the stupor with his voice.

His voice was so sweet.

At the same time, it was a very serious tone. 

“That’s what I thought back then.”


“But I love you right now.” 

“How are you sure about that? Are you lying to me again this time?” 

He shook his head at what I said. 

He meant that he wasn’t lying. If it were usual, I would have thought that it’s a lie, but his expression seemed very serious. 

For now, I decided to listen to him a little more. 

It would be better to listen to it. 

“I had a lot of thoughts on the battlefield. And all those thoughts were only about Yulia, you.” 


“I felt empty because you weren’t around, and I missed you because I couldn’t see you, I was frustrated that I couldn’t see you.” 

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