Chapter 27

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Yulia's POV:


I couldn’t trust him at all.

“…How are you serious? I can’t even be sure if it’s the truth or not from the beginning.”

“I mean it, from the beginning to the end.”

“No, I never trust the duke.”

“…Didn’t I give you faith before?”

I didn’t think he’s a reliable person. That’s the type of person I think he is.

It must all be acting, being sweet to me.

Is he trying to change his words after saying that himself?

Since the beginning, there was no trust between us. We just made a mistake overnight.

“If you were in my shoes, would you think that you are serious?”


“You’re lying, and acting in contradiction to your words.”

“I’ll try my best so that you can trust me.”

“Try? You don’t have to.”


“We just have to end it here. Honestly, I don’t know why you’re doing it to me.”

“I said it before, I can’t live without you.”

That sentence again?

Is he nuts?

Many thoughts crossed my mind. But, the moment I saw his eyes shaking, my mind became even more jumbled up. 

He somehow looked very vulnerable, as if he would collapse the moment I touched him.

Why is he making that face? Is it just acting?

I couldn’t understand him at all.

What does he want? Above all, is he sincere?

“Yulia, please don’t abandon me.”


Is he resorting to begging now? Is he pretending to beg?

“Yulia, what should I do to make you trust me?”

“Have we ever had trust between us?”

It was funny. In the first place, there had never been any trust between us.

Such a relationship could turn into dust at any moment.

That is our relationship now.

“You can’t make me trust you when it didn’t exist in the first place.”

In the first place, we’re not meant to be. According to the original work as well, we had a bad relationship.

He was the cause of my death and tragedy.

So even if he seems serious now, the moment the person he’s looking for appeared, he’ll turn his back on me.

“Yulia, I really can’t live without you.”

“Why? You’re the Duke of Siegbert. You’re very young and is well-known.”

Like a true villain, he’s perfect in every way.

“What do you want to marry me for?”

He have everything, but the only thing I could point out that he doesn’t have is emotions.

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