Chapter 28

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Yulia's POV:

As soon as the sun went down, darkness consumed the place.

I took measures in advance to prevent people from coming near my room, so I shouldn't worry about it.

"I'm only allowing it this time."

"Yes, Yulia."

"Next time, don't ever come here. I won't allow it."


I brought a white paper and pen I had prepared in advance.

Verbal contracts aren't allowed. I have to write the contract on a paper like this so that there won't be any problem later.

"Come here."


"Don't reveal everything that happened that night."


Why didn't he answer?

"Please marry me for that condition."

"What? No... why are you so obsessed with marriage."

"Marriage is the most peaceful and pure way to show the world that you're mine."

He sat next to me. No, why is he sitting so closely?

The bed isn't small, why would he stay so close in the spacious room?

I really didn't like it.

"It's also an official way to prevent anyone other than me from brushing even a single strand of your hair."

He wrapped his hand on my cheek and pushed his face towards mine.

His face is scarily handsome and it made my heart stop.

I couldn't tell whether my heart was beating loudly because of fear or his handsome face which was close by.

I pushed his shoulders and tried to keep my distance.

"Then what is the informal, unhealthy and impure way?"

"I think I could act it out faster than to say it."
His lips overlapped with mine, overshadowing what he was about to say.

I pushed his shoulders away but he didn't budge.

Rather, he hugged my waist tightly with his other hand so that I couldn't move.

What is he doing now?

He tried to enter his tongue on mine.

Even though I tried pushing him away, I became dizzy because of the kiss.

My mind went blank and I couldn't think of anything.

My head, which is like a clean sheet of paper was dyed black making it impossible for me to think of anything.

I was slowly consumed by him.

"Ha, ah..."

His lips parted from mine just before I could do anything.

His kiss wasn't painful enough to tear my mouth like before. Rather, it becomes gentle.

I was so weak that I became out of breath just from one kiss.

Still, it felt better now that my back was touching the soft bed.

I felt very comfortable.

But his eyes was still filled with unfulfilled desires.

"Yulia, this is the impure way."

What? This is the impure way?
"I'll tell you the unhealthy way now."

"No! You don't have to tell me!"

"You said you like kind people right? Don't worry, I'll be sure to be gentle this time."

Both of my wrists are being held by his arms. There was no room for me to move.

Looking at him smiling drowsily, I could only imagine the dark future that was about to come.

Again, his lips swallowed mine. My body responded to him well.


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