Chapter 37

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Yulia's POV:

I suddenly bumped into someone. 

This voice seems to be of the male lead. 

“Oh, I should call you the princess instead, right?”  

“Duke Blair.”  

“You can call me Idrian.”  

“Why did you come to the terrace?” 

“I don’t think I will be able to see an old friend except for today.”  

Oh, he came to meet Chester. 

Perhaps, according to the original, the two were still friends. I heard that they had a lot of exchanges until Chester’s parents died. And until they met the female lead, the relationship between the two was smooth

So it wasn’t strange, because both of them had yet to fall in love with or become obsessed with the woman.  

“Hmm… It might be rude to ask this, but… What’s your relationship with Chester?”

“… Duke Siegbert?” 

“If it’s hard for you to tell me… you don’t have to tell me!”  

“It’s just… it’s nothing.”  

Just a one-night stand relationship? If we were to define our current relationship with numbers out of 10, it was neither more than 3 nor less than 3. 

Of course, still… 

“As he announced in front of everyone when he really won this war and returned… We will get married.”

That was it.  

Chester and I had that kind of relationship.  

A relationship that would be nothing if he lost this war or he died in the war.  

It was just a relationship like a sandcastle that would disappear when the waves swept it away.

The reason I kissed him earlier was simply because I was seduced by that handsome face.  

“Is that so…… I’m sorry, Princess.”

I was going down the stairs to go back.  

I was going down the stairs to go back. At that moment, I felt something was missing.

It didn’t take long for me to realize why my hair was flowing.

It was obvious that my headdress had fallen on the terrace earlier. 

I hastily returned. But then I heard a conversation on the terrace.

Perhaps Chester and Idrian are in there. 

I hid unintentionally and overheard their conversation.  

“You… you love her right?”  


Maybe he’s referring to me?  

It was an opportunity to find out whether the words that he said were sincere or not.  

I knew that eavesdropping was bad, but in order to satisfy my curiosity, I was able to focus on the following words after holding my breath. 

Perhaps it’s a moment when I can see his questionable sincerity. 


“Yes. Because the actions you did were different from how you deal with other people. Even today…”

 “Ha… hahaha!”  

A soft laugh was heard.  

Perhaps the owner of that laugh was the villain. 

It was the sound of laughter that I got used to as I had heard it countless times.  

But why is he laughing?  

“Ah… It’s been a while since I laughed. Did I look like that all this time?”

I was anxious. I can’t predict what Chester will say.  

“… Then?”  

“Do I look like someone who can do love?” 

As soon as I heard those words, my heart sank.  

All those sweet whispers of love were lies.

All the actions you’ve done to me must have been pretense. 

There was nothing more to hear.  

I felt pathetic that I was shaken at the moment, thinking he was serious about me.

I had no intention of being used, but I had the illusion that my heart was being used.

My headdress was not important now.  

I need to flee from this place before being caught. 

 “… bad boy.”  

I tried to believe his words.  

No, it was an illusion that he loved me from the beginning.  

I was also really stupid.  

He said he truly loved me.  

However… all of it was a lie?  

“You really… don’t you love me?”  

Why are tears pouring out of my eyes?

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