Chapter 1

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The woman’s face reflected in the mirror was the definition of beautiful. 

Brilliant silver hair with lustrous sheen, and dreamy purple eyes that created the illusion of melting and indulging in self-purification.

She looked very stunning, but her face was like a person deprived of vitality.

Originally, the skin that was white as jade was imprinted with red marks.

It was a trail of suffering from harassment that resulted from yesterday. I couldn’t remember what happened last night. 

How can I go back home like this?!

I, who has lived quietly and peacefully for 20 years look like this! How could I have the face to see my father and brother?


I really wanted to cry.

It’s been 20 years since I reincarnated in a book, but I made such a huge mistake.

Of course, I reincarnated as an extra named Yulia Beatrice. 

Usually in reincarnation books, my life should have been in danger by the male or female protagonist, but it was not. 

The setting I was born into, was the youngest Princess of the Imperial family who monopolized their love.

I was raised so carefully that I developed an independent personality as a child.

Although, that was Yulia’s personality in the original story, not mine.

Unlike her lucky background, Yulia was a character with a very tragic ending.

She fell so in love with the villian that she chased after him to the point of insanity.

Just because the villain found her annoying, Yulia had to witness her family members who deeply loved her, being slaughtered by the man she had an unrequited love for.

In the end, she took her own life from shock and depression. 


My legs became weak so I sat down. 

I couldn’t let my father and brother die because of me, so I lived quietly for 20 years without getting involved with the villian.

But 20 years of hard work went to waste.

I had nothing to say because I accidentally had a one-night stand. 

It would be better if I slept with a supporting character, an extra, or a person who didn’t appear in the story at all.

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