Chapter 6

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Yulia's POV:

No, even if I go home, I don’t think I would arrive alive.


“I think we’d better meet again this week. I’ll be right on time to meet you”


“What if I don’t want to?”


“I’m not sure what’s going to happen then.”


I thought I should just listen to him because his smile was off.


“I’ll write to you when I get back to the Castle. That should be good right?”




He smiled fondly as what I said was a satisfactory answer to him.


Then, he lifted me up from the ground. The act of kindness was right, but I was not particularly grateful for it.


“Yulia. Do you think you can walk down the stairs?”


“…..I can walk down.”


What tricks was he trying to play?


My body was shaky, but it wasn’t to the point where I couldn’t move at all.


So I could walk without his help.


“I’m leaving now.”


“Yes. Let’s have a date soon.”


“…..I’ll think about it.”


He didn’t have to, but he personally escorted me to the carriage.


It was a troublesome type of kindness.


He suddenly came into the carriage. The distance was particularly close.




His hands gently wrapped around my chin. I had a rough idea of what would follow next.


I closed my eyes resignedly.


As expected, his lips touched mine.


“That’s enough…..”


I thought it would end as short as a goodbye, but it didn’t. His tongue penetrated through my lips.


I forgot how to breathe through my nose. His tongue clasped me as if he didn’t want to miss a single moment.


Unlike his mouth, his hands patted my hair affectionately. It was a careful movement like handing pottery that seemed to break in a single touch.


His lips fell off my lips only when I was under the illusion that  the inside of my mouth was tingling.


He kissed the back of my hand and got off the carriage, while smiling languidly as if having no regrets.


“See you again.”


There was no answer to that. I didn’t look at where he was until the wagon started moving.


Ignoring my complicated feelings I sat on the wagon alone, and tried easing my complicated mind.


“What am I going to do?”


Now that I’m on my way home, I had to think of an excuse.


The red marks seen through the sleeves of my dress and on my neck seemed to explain what had happened so a plausible excuse was needed to cover up the situation.


Or was there a way to sneak inside without my brother or father knowing.


“…What should I do?”


A sigh came out of my lips . What should I do with this complicated situation?

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