Chapter 45

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Yulia's POV:

Perhaps it’s because of the description in the original.

Or have I really seen him at least once before? 

The more I saw him, the more I felt familiar with his face.

It would have been memorable if I looked at a face as handsome as Chester. 

But why didn’t I remember it properly?

Well, if I met him when we were very young, the memory could have faded over time. 

“The only silver hairs I’ve met are my father-in-law and brother-in-law, except for you.” 

Now that was very natural.

I thought about what to say, but I decided to leave it alone because we were engaged and eventually get married anyway.

“…You really didn’t see me when we were young?”

I couldn’t trust my memory completely. 

That’s why I asked.

Since Chester said that if I ask him anything, he’ll be happy to answer, I asked that.

However, I had no choice but to erase the expectation as he shook his head.

“As a child, Yulia would never have seen me.” 

“As expected…” 

“When I came to the castle after my parents passed away, I was only given the title directly by His Majesty.” 

“I must have been mistaken.”

Because my memory is blurry. 

No, actually, I thought it would be nice if Chester was the one I saw when I was young.

It was just my greed. It was just an illusion. 

In the first place, I had never participated in someone’s succession ceremony. 

No, I didn’t go out of the castle when I was young. 

There was only one time I went out of the castle. 

Except at that time, I never went outside of the castle and never met someone my age except for Cecil. 



I came to my senses only when I heard Chester’s voice calling me.

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