Chapter 33

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Yulia's POV:

I took a step backwards and walked away.  

His eyes look so dangerous.  

“Yulia, you don’t have to be so vigilant.” 


“If anyone sees it, they’ll think I’m hurting you.”  

Probably not right now, but I couldn’t let go of my vigilance for even a single moment. 

“You don’t need to be like that. After all, there is plenty of time.”  



He is a very confident person.  

Well, with that kind of mindset, he was able to become the villain in the original.  



“I heard that you are attending this year’s celebration.” 

“Yes. That’s right.”  

How did you find out? I never told him.

And does his smile make me feel anxious? 

When a normal person smiles, I should’ve felt reassured or comfortable, but why do I feel so anxious? 

I suddenly started getting nervous. 

“I think you’re hiding a lot from me.”  

“… I didn’t hide it, I forgot to say it.” 

“Just say yes.”  

I looked at him, bewildered.

It wasn’t a lie, but I was annoyed by such a reaction. 

If I had known that he would react like that, I would have just lied from the beginning.  “Yulia. Right now, even if you have something to hide, I will close my eyes, but when I come back, there should be nothing to hide.”

 “… I have nothing to hide.”  

“I wish you didn’t have a boyfriend with the thought that I would die or lose the war.”

“It will never happen.”

Because you will never come back victorious from the war.  

“If I come back and there is someone else by your side, I will accept it as a request to kill him.” 

“Huh? Wha- what?” 

I doubted my ears.

No, is it such an easy thing to say that you want to kill someone? 

“When I come back, if you had a boyfriend, I would kill him.”  


“Because I’m the only one who can be by your side.”  

Why is the obsession that should be directed at the female lead given to me?  

I couldn’t understand.  

From the moment I stopped chasing after the villain, the original story might have changed little by little, but it was unthinkable for the aftermath to be this way.

He hadn’t done anything yet, but I didn’t know when he would take his sword and kill the members of the imperial family.  

The treason in the original story also happened so suddenly.  

He killed all of the imperial family when their power was weakened by the defeat of the war.  

So I still couldn’t stop being wary.

Maybe it’ll end up being even more tragic than the original.  

“If you have a boyfriend and dispose of it before I come, I won’t say anything.”  


“So I hope you don’t do anything to get blood on my hands when I return.”  

“I don’t think you need to worry.”

“Yes. When I come back from the war, please help me so that I don’t get blood on my hands, wife.”

“We’re not married yet! Why are you acting like we already did?”  

“Because we will.”


Should I find someone who can protect me?  

I felt so anxious that I couldn’t live. Or should I secretly employ an assassin and get rid of him?  

No. He’ll find out that I emplog him through a harsh torture because he was captured alive.

“Go back.”  

“Yulia. I will give you the glory of victory.”  

“I don’t need it?”

 “Do you not like it? I thought you would like it.” 

“I don’t like it at all!”  

He took my hand and kissed the back of my hand briefly.

“It’s a pity we’ll be seperated, but I’ll go. You’re welcome whenever you want to see me.” 

“I’ll never visit you.”

“Remember, if you visit me, you will be able to do anything there without any restrictions.”

”…… I don’t want to remember that!”

It was really useless. I wouldn’t even go near it anyway.  

“Then go back!”

“There is no need to rush, Yulia.”  

“… I’m not rushing you.”

“It’s a bit sad to just go.”  

What are you sad about? What other tricks are you trying to do!  

Why not just go completely? 

At that moment, something touched my lips. 

When I raised my head, wondering what it was, I looked at him.

So I hurriedly took two steps back. 

“You don’t have to run away from me like that.” 

“Go back!” 

“I was thinking of going back.” 

“Then why did you do it?”  

He didn’t answer me, he just smiled without saying a word. So I was even more scared.

“I am very satisfied today. Well, I wasn’t good enough yesterday, but I’m a sweet person.”

Sweet? If he is a kind and sweet person, what would all the kind and sweet people be? 

It wasn’t funny, but I just kept my mouth shut. 

Because I realized that the best way to reply to this man is to not answer his bullshit. 

“See you later, Yulia.”  

“…… I don’t want to see you again.”


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