Chapter 22

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Yulia's POV:



That’s what it looked like to others.

I swallowed a sip of tea to calm my complicated mind.

“Cecil. What’s normal when you love someone?”

“Umm, Yulia.”


“I haven’t been in a relationship either.”


What? Aren’t you in a relationship with the male lead?


“Yulia. If I were in a relationship, I wouldn’t be doing this with you right now, would I?”

“Oh, yeah.”

Did the original really change?

However, the heroine Cecil should be connected to the male lead Idiran.

You two looked good together. And most of all, thanks to me.

I didn’t want the happy ending to change.

I didn’t want to ruin my friend’s happy ending just to live alone.

“What does Cecil think about Duke Blair?”


“What do you think of Duke Blair?”



“But I don’t want to get involved in anything, and I can’t get involved in anything.”

“Huh? Why?”

I was embarrassed by Cecil’s determined voice.

“Yulia, you may not care much because you are a princess, but the directions my family pursues are very different than that of Duke Blair”

Cecil smiled slightly awkwardly.

Perhaps what Cecil said means that the Blair family and the Chloe family are not in a mutually beneficial relationship, but in a conflicting relationship, right?

“Then, what about Duke Siegbert?”

“It’s a symbiotic relationship. We share the same direction.”

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