Chapter 15

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Yulia's POV:

“Princess! Hurry up and get up!”

“Um…… I’ll sleep for five more minutes…..”

“You’re supposed to meet the Duke of Siegbert today!”

“……I’ll sleep for another 10 minutes.”

I was awakened by force. The influence of the villain seems to be greater than expected.

It’s already enough to excite my nanny with the name alone. 

I’m all ready to wash up.

Fortunately, looking at my reflection in the mirror as I washed up, the red traces near my neck were fading.

But it didn’t seem to matter. As soon as I came out, a gorgeous dress caught my eye.

“Nanny. More modest than this.”

“What? If you’re meeting with the emperor …… but if you’re meeting with the Duke of Siegbert then……”

(TN: she’s implying that it would be fine if it was the Emperor [AKA Yulia’s father] but not the Duke)

“Something simple.”

I have to get away from the villain so a colorful and pretty dress will be poisonous. 

Still, I’m a princess so I should not be too simple, so I chose clothes that are moderately colorful and not excessive. 

Wearing a dress properly encompassing light purple and white, the nanny took me to the dressing table.


“You have to dress up now.”

“No. I’m not going to put on makeup.”

“Of course, the Princess is a beautiful woman with a naturally pretty face, but…”

“It’s not what the nanny thinks.”

“Then, just earrings and necklaces…..”

“……Yes that’s it.”

The nanny looked disappointed, but I hurriedly bought her accessories because I feared she would say no.

I chose dark purple earrings and necklaces.

“Princess, are you really going to stop here?”

“Yeah. Just bring me a hat.”

“……I see.”

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