Chapter 19

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Yulia's POV:

It was only when I couldn’t breathe did I push his shoulder with both hands, and his touching lips fell off.

I did something I would regret for a long time.

If I could go back to the past, I would choose to not do it again.

Time has already passed, so I can’t go back, but I have time to regret it. 

“Chester. I think this is enough.”


“You don’t love me, you’re just obsessed with my body.”

He responded in a red flag to my remarks. 

“Yulia, you have to take responsibility for making me unable to live without your body.”

“……Why is that my responsibility?”

I was speechless. I wanted to argue back, but I couldn’t think of anything to say.

His hand caressed my cheek and with his bright red eyes, he stared at me with deep desire as if wanting to eat me.

“It’s Yulia who seduced me first, attacked me first, and actively took away my purity.”

Can you get rid of things that I don’t remember?

I don’t remember that!

I couldn’t even make excuses, because I didn’t remember that.

“Now I can’t sleep without Yulia.”

“No, it’s not my fault!”

“Without you, I have nightmares.”


Why are you acting like this to weaken a person’s mind?

If you pretend to be poor like this, I can’t say anything.

If you know that and act like this, you’re very clever.

“I can’t sleep comfortably without you, Yulia.”

“……Even if it is not me.”

“When I see you, I don’t see hallucinations, Yulia.”


“Can you please stay with me?”

Is this really the truth? I was very suspicious.

The original didn’t tell us in detail about the villain.

All that was said was that he had a poor childhood without his parents.

At a young age, he went out to the battlefield and became a war hero as he crossed the limits of man and returned to become a Duke of the Empire.

After meeting her for the first time at the funeral of the female lead’s father, he became obsessed with pretending to be friendly.

He then annihilates the Imperial family, saying that he is bothered by the princess who had been chasing him for a long time.

Eventually, he degenerates into a foothold for the female lead and male lead to continue.

It was the role of listening to the female lead, half of his mind and becoming a lunatic, eventually taking his own life and leaving the scene.

However, there were no details of the character Chester in the original. 

Perhaps because he lived in the war zone at a young age, he might have hallucinations as an aftereffect.

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