Chapter 16

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Yulia's POV:

“Physical attraction is also called love.”


What are you talking about right now?

I knew he was really out of his mind, but when I actually experienced it in person, it was more strange than I imagined.

His eyes seemed to shake greatly.

Of course, in the original, there was no line like that because the villain and the female protagonist had never slept at least once.

My hands seemed to tremble.

“It’s the opposite of me. I think spiritual attraction is love.”

“I’ll match it for you. If that’s the direction you want, I’ll be happy to mold myself for you.”

“……I like kind people.”

Because I knew he was not a sweet person, I said I liked kind people.

No matter how much you imitate, you will never be a friendly person. Because you’re the one who will eventually turn your back on me.

“I like people who are kind, sweet, and handsome.”

“Is that the person you’re waiting for?”

“Yes, a very nice, handsome, and kind person.”

It was probably like that because I was a very soft person.

He was such a pathetic person that he couldn’t even cry at the death of his parents.

Like a puppy.

(TN: I’m guessing that’s  the type she likes)

“I’ve already met all of Yulia’s conditions.”


I doubted my ears. Of course, the handsome thing is satisfied, but the rest is not at all.

“I’m a much sweeter and kind person than you think.”

“……Don’t you think that doesn’t make sense?”

“I’m confident that I’m a sweet and kind person unless I’m on the bed.”

“Why did you bring that up all of a sudden?”

“If you want, I’ll be as sweet and friendly as possible in bed.”

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