Chapter 21

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Yulia's POV:

“Yulia. What’s wrong?”

“……Ha. Cecil. I’m going to stay in your house for a while.”

“Is it because of the Duke of Siegbert? Rumors are spreading in society these days.”

“What rumors?”

I didn’t even know what rumors were spreading because I wasn’t interested in social circles.

“The Duke of Siegbert is falling for you and is even courting you with gifts.”

Cecil asked with sparkling eyes. She looked very curious.

It was burdensome, so I avoided Cecil’s eyes without realizing it.

“Is that really true?”


To be exact, it seemed more of a threat than a courtship, and more of an obsession with my body rather than falling for me.

I couldn’t even tell Cecil the truth.

“No. There won’t be anything to be involved or talked about anymore.”


“As I always told you, I will live alone under the name of Princess.”

“Yulia. I don’t understand you sometimes.”

“I’m happy to play and eat like this without doing anything.”

“In the end, if you like it, then that’s good.”

“My dad and brother can’t let go of me until I die and they have no choice but to listen to me.”

It wasn’t just because they loved me. It was because my brother thought of my mother when looking at me, and my father felt guilty.

If I hadn’t read this book I would have mistaken it for pure affection.

It would have been better if I had possessed Yulia, but I was reincarnated.

I remembered my childhood.

That’s why I knew that my father and brother’s affection for me was not just pure genuine affection.

“And my dad and brother will also want me to be around for the rest of my life. My dad doesn’t know, but my brother is like that.”

“……Yulia. Are you going to attend the upcoming imperial New Year’s festival?”

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