Chapter 34

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The New Year’s Celebration is already approaching. This is the first one I’ll participate in since I was born…  

… I was very nervous.  

Because I’ve never been to a place where there are a lot of people.  

I haven’t been to a more crowded place than  Cecil’s birthday party. 

However, as it is a national event, I was worried that there would be a lot of people.

Unlike me, who was troubled like this, the maids in charge of me seemed very excited. 

“Your Highness! We can finally show off our skills!”  

“Should you wear the dress that His Majesty sent for the festival?”

“First, I’ll bring you jewels that are as pretty as the princess’s eyes!” 

It was the maids who were busy, but why do I feel tired? Is it just me? I already felt tired after taking a bath in the morning.

“Your Highness! Stay still! If you move, it will be ruined!”  

“… How much longer do I have to close my eyes?”

My eyelashes trembled from the tickling.  

After closing my eyes for a while, I was able to open my eyes only when I was about to fall asleep.  

“Your Highness! We Are done!”

“Wow…! You guys are so talented!”  

“Now, I think it would be better to choose earrings and necklaces that match the dress!”  

The maids began to display a variety of necklaces and earrings sets.  

Here, about one-third was given by the villain, and the rest was given to me by my father and brother. 

It was the biggest challenge.  

Because I had no idea which were given by whom!  

My memory isn’t as good as I thought, so I couldn’t remember exactly what someone gave me

Here, I had to choose only what the villain gave me.  

“But it’s a new year’s festival, so wouldn’t it be better to go with what dad gave me as a present?”  

“Then shall we use this?” 

Well, the maid’s eyes would be better than my eyes. Let’s not believe in my eyes. Because my perspective is not reliable. It’s an eye that I shouldn’t trust.

“Your Highness…!” 

Everyone’s voices were filled with emotion.  

My hair, which was always hanging down, was neatly pulled up. I also wore earrings and a necklace, a set of exquisitely crafted silver gemstones.

The image of a woman in a dress that was not too revealing in light purple was reflected in the mirror. 

Obviously it’s me, but it felt very unfamiliar.  

“The main character of this festival is, of course, the princess! Because there is no woman in the world who has a higher status than you!”  

“… Thank you.”

This compliment was awkward. 


I heard my brother’s voice outside. My brother arrived just in time. I agreed to be escorted by my brother.  

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