Chapter 7

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Yulia's POV:

Seeing that the wagon stopped, it seemed we arrived.

Fortunately, my face didn’t feel too hot now so it shouldn’t look red.

As I was getting off, I hurriedly covered my neck with my hair and pulled the sleeves of my dress to hide my wrists.

Without an escort, I ran right inside regardless of dignity.

As soon as I entered, Nanny entered my eyesight.

“Princess, why did you come so late?”

“……Whoo! Nanny!” (Crying sound)

“Princess why are you crying all of a sudden now! What’s wrong?”

I was finally relieved.

I started crying in Nanny’s embrace because I was finally physically free from the villain.

Emotions that I had been holding back burst out like huge waves.

“Who dares do this to the Princess’s body.”

“Nanny, I want to wash up first.”

“Yes, I see. I’ll warm up the water first though.”

Since my mother died, the person I relied on the most after my father and brother was my nanny.

My mother had a chronic illness before my brother was born, so my nanny was in charge of my parenting ever since I was little.

Therefore, after my mother passed away, my nanny was my psychological support. 

“Princess, the bath water is ready.”


I felt better after soaking in the bathtub.

I could have washed in the villain’s mansion but I felt uncomfortable and reluctant because it was a strange place.

“My Princess.”


“Tell me who made our precious Princess’s body like this.”

If I spoke about him I would then have to explain everything. This was a secret I intended to carry to the grave.

“Keep it a secret from Father and Brother, I’m sure they’ll be worried.”

“Who cares about that? Why did you come back like this? Do you know how much I was worried about you  when you came in late?”

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