Chapter 23

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Yulia's POV:



“Princess, the sun has risen in the sky! You have to get up now.”


“Princess. His Highness, Duke Siegbert, is in the castle.”

What? The Duke of Siegbert?


“He came to the castle in the morning and hasn’t moved from that spot until now.”

I got chills down my spine. Was it this scary to mention the name of the villain from the morning?

Oh, it’s ambiguous to say that it’s morning anymore because the sun has risen in the sky.

“Just tell him to go back.”

“Of course, I told him I would deliver the message to the princess when she wakes up so he should go back first. But he said he’ll stay until the princess comes out.”

“That’s why.”

“……Leave it.”

I’m sure he’ll stay in moderation and go back anyway.

It was annoying. He was so shameless to come here knowing how it would end. I really didn’t want to see him.

“But you still have to eat. Wake up.”


I just didn’t want to see him for a moment. I didn’t want to see the existence of the villain.

I didn’t want to be close. I didn’t like the villain.

But I was curious. It would be okay to see what kind of expression the villain has.

“Nanny. Can you see him from here?’

“Yes, that way.”

When she saw where the nanny’s fingers were headed, he was holding a bouquet of flowers full of purple hyacinths.

(T/N: aww the meaning is so cute in flower language. Search up Purple Hyacinth if you want to guess what might happen in the next few chapters. Don’t search it up if you don’t want a spoiler though)

Perhaps because of the distance, his face was not seen properly.


Unknowingly, I was surprised and hid behind the wall.

It may be an illusion, but his eyes met mine as he turned his head this way.

“It’s nothing.”

“Would you like me to get those flowers?”

“No! Don’t get anything! If he sends anything, send it all back. Got it?”

“Yes, I will.”

I didn’t understand. And I was scared.

Even if I wanted to read the thoughts of the villain, I couldn’t read them at all. I’m afraid the results will be the same even if the process changes.

I’m afraid my ending will be a tragic death.

“I’m hungry.”

“Do you want me to bring food here?”

“Yeah. Bring me a brush, too.”

“Yes. Wait a minute.”

Because I just don’t love him. At least I won’t feel miserable like Yulia in the original.

You will feel the sadness of losing your precious family.

I sat on the floor as my legs relaxed.

“I don’t want to die. I just want to live.”

It’s not like I want a lot!

Who said I wanted to get along with the male lead? Who said I wanted to be the female lead?

I just wanted to live with my family normally. Why did this ordeal come to me?

I  thought nothing would happen if I didn’t do anything.

“I just want to be loved normally.”

I spoke to myself with my face buried in my knees.

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