Chapter 29

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Yulia's POV:

We stopped a few times to catch our breaths.

As soon as his hand held the hem of my skirt, I suddenly came to my senses.

What am I doing right now? One, two mistakes is enough.

I couldn’t make these terrible mistakes three times.

And I don’t want to regret it many times.

I hurriedly pushed him who was on top of me and fixed my disorganized pajamas.


“I don’t want to know it at all.”


“I know very well what the impure intent was.”

Even if I didn’t want to know, how could I not know? I knew from the fact that he was obsessed with my body.

I could guess to some extent why he wanted to get married.

Didn’t he want to play around, sleep with me while he looked at other women?

Because he’s a good kisser, I often felt like I was being swept away. I need to pull myself together.

“Stop it.”



“It seemed to be an unfair contract.”

“Not at all! It’s my loss!”


“And I really can’t get married, there’s a reason for that.”

“If it’s about your heart, that’s not a reason.”

“It’s not like that.”

I decided to let him go.

“Rather than that reason, I’m thinking of living with my dad and brother for the rest of my life.”

“Is that so?”

What’s wrong? Why did he sound so ominous?

Why did I get some illusion about those eyes that amplified my anxiety?

I wished my feelings were wrong.

“If your brother and dad died, you will live alone and miss them all your life.”

As expected, is he thinking of severing my dad and brother’s neck?

“Yulia, I hope you didn’t mention the contract to stop me. Is there anything else you want from me?”

“……. Can you pretend not to know me for the rest of your life.”

He laughed as if the answer was obvious. He’s acting again right?

I could tell at once that he was smiling but he didn’t actually smile.

“Yulia, you know that I can’t do that.”

“I asked just in case.”

Phew, that’s too bad.

“Yulia, I can postpone the marriage.”

“Can’t we just not get married.”
“Since the person who took my first time said so, what should I do?”

“…… It’s my first time too.”

“I know.”

You know it! You can’t act like this if you know!

“I yielded a lot, so let’s get engaged first.”

“You didn’t yield to me at all.”

“I’ve given a lot. I want to have the ceremony with you tomorrow.”



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