Chapter 36

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Yulia's POV:

“…… Really?”

Now I couldn’t tell what was the truth and what was a lie. 

No, what kind of woman can deny it if one of the most handsome men in the world says something like that.

I understood Yulia’s heart in the original. 

Like Yulia in the original, if I saw Chester without knowing the fact that he was a villain, I wouldn’t want to have his heart.

From Duke Siegbert’s point of view, the princess pursued him first, and the imperial family had no reason to oppose it. 

Above all else, the emperor must’ve calculated that it would be beneficial to unite with the powerful duke family by adopting him as his son-in-law. Eliminating the need to suppress their power alongside his daughter’s happiness of course. 

“Yes. Even now, I want to eat you.” 

“That… That’s a bit scary.” 

Because the original is already twisted, is it okay to look forward to it?

No matter how much I waited, the person I was looking for was nowhere to be seen. 

Chester is the perfect groom, except that he is the villain in the original. 

To be honest, if I were to fulfill my duties as a member of the imperial family, there was no one who had better conditions than Chester as the husband of the princess. 

Of course, the male lead, Duke Idrian Blair, was the best groom in the empire, but from the point of view of the imperial family, Duke Chester Siegbert was more suitable.

Even though the Duke of Blair is also a prestigious family, he is not a threat to the imperial family as he hardly participated in the war.

However, the present Duke of Siegbert was a little different. 

As the current head of a dukedom, Chester Siegbert, participated in all the wars as commander in chief so far, hence his influence has grown bigger than that of the Duke of Blair. 

And if he puts his mind to it, he could achieve anything he wants.

Like the original, the history of the imperial family could be rewritten, and the name of the empire could be different. 

What if that risk is tied with my marriage?

“Yulia. Don’t think about anyone other than me.”

If I can’t kill, no, unless he dies, it might have been better for me to submit to him. 

Because that will protect my family and give stability to the imperial family to which I belong. 

Maybe I could keep the empire peaceful.

“I didn’t even think about it?” 

“I will believe you.” 

“I’m leaving.” 

As I turned to get out, Chester grabbed my arm and pulled me back. Then he kissed my lips briefly.

“As I said before, I will be back before summer comes.”

“…… You can’t end a war that quickly.”

“It will be at a disadvantage if I drag it for too long anyway.”


“And I’ll miss you. I’ll think of you a lot.” 

Chester hugged me tightly. I couldn’t be sure of his sincerity, but wouldn’t it be okay to trust him?

His arms are so warm. Would it be okay to trust him just once?

“Yulia, if I come back before summer comes, then you won’t be satisfied with this.” 

“…… Pardon?” 

“If you don’t want me to go back early, can I do more than this here?” 

As he whispers softly in my ears, my face suddenly becomes hotter .

Fortunately, I wasn’t trapped in his arms, so Chester couldn’t see my face.

I was relieved because he couldn’t see it.

My face must be like a burning sweet potato.

“Yulia, can I kiss you?” 


No, of course… kissing is only kissing but… Well… if I thought about Chester’s kiss…

I didn’t hate to bump into Chester’s skin. I didn’t feel any repulsion, and it was rather good. Maybe it was because of his face .


“Kiss me… you can do it.”

His expression, which seemed surprised, soon turned into a languid smile. He wrapped his hand gently around me.

“Yulia. Close your eyes.”

I closed my eyes, as Chester said, and something soft and warm touched my lips.

I opened my mouth slightly, and his tongue slipped through the gaping lips.

As I staggered, his hand gripped my waist tightly and with the other hand he stroke my cheek tenderly.

It was as if he was touching a delicate piece of glass.

Chester’s lips slammed against mine again.

I felt like I was being eaten affectionately.

It was more a gentle and caring kiss rather than harsh and violent.

But, I still felt a strong possessiveness.

A longing feeling that he would not miss a single moment.

I didn’t hate it if I thought that he wanted me.

I wrapped my arms around his body.

The moisture came and went for a while longer.


I didn’t think that his lips would separate from mine until he was out of breath.


My heart tickled at the sound of my name being called in a soft voice.

I could feel the affection in his hand that gently stroke my cheek.

I may be mistaken, but I wanted to believe him.

“You’re so pretty. I want to eat you.” 

His blood-red eyes flashed dangerously, and I thought that perhaps this touch was holding back his true desire, not affection.

“Well… I’ll get going now!”

I thought this would be dangerous, so I ran away from him.

My face is hot. It’s probably burning red right?


I suddenly bumped into someone.

This voice seems to be of the male lead.

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