Chapter 40

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Yulia's POV:

The trip was much more enjoyable than I thought.

It was so much fun that it was disappointing to return home, and I was able to shake off all my trivial thoughts. 

Originally, I was going to come back within two months, but I sent a letter to my dad and had fun at the villa for six months. 

This is why I think I will also be happy even though I didn’t marry someone.

It was a very happy trip that made me didn’t want to get married.

Before returning to the castle, I was thinking of purchasing new clothes and jewelry from the capital.

I entered a jewelry shop that is said to be the hottest in the capital these days. 

At that moment, someone with bright golden hair and a  warm-looking face was in front of me.

“Your Highness, the princess?” 

“·······Huh? Duke Blair?” 

What a coincidence. 

When I met the male lead here, it felt like my heart, which had nothing to heal, was more completely healed.  

The male lead is a handsome man with gentle eyes just like my brother. Even though my brother is more handsome.  

Since I was reincarnated as my favorite’s little sister, it wasn’t too bad.

I couldn’t have his love to me as an opposite sex, but it was thrilling to have my favorite’s love to myself.  However, seeing the original male lead gave me a different feeling.  

My favorite is my favorite, the male lead is the male lead, and the villain is the villain. They gave me such different feelings.

“I heard you went on a trip, are you on your way back?” 

“Yes, I’ve been out for too long. By the way, what brings Duke of Blair here?” 

Apart from meeting the male lead, the location was strange. As it was a store that targeted women’s tastes rather than men, I didn’t understand why the male lead was here. 

“I have a person I want to give a gift to.” 

“…… Who?” 

By any chance? Is it the female lead? 

Did he meet Cecil at the birthday party where the thing between me and the villain happened?

I was curious and I was a little jealous of their fateful encounter. 

No, not a little, but a lot. 

I can ask Cecil directly for the details later.

Of course, assuming that the person the male lead referred to is the female lead, Cecil. 

“Is the person who you wanted to give a gift to is the Marquis’ daughter Lady Cecil?” 


Is that right? No?

The male lead was smiling lightly. 

So I was confused whether Cecil was right or not. 

“Then is it a different person? Who is it?”

“I’ll say it’s a secret for now.” 

“Do I know them?” 

“Hmm… no. You probably don’t know. It’s just my crush.” 

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