Chapter 48

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Yulia was asleep with his shoulder as a pillow.

Chester carefully moved Yulia’s head and put it on his lap.

He thought that it would be more comfortable to lie down and fall asleep.


He slowly moved the hair attached to her face with a careful touch and brushed it over behind her ears.

Yulia, who fell asleep without any worries, did not have wings, but he felt like she was an angel.

“What should I do to get my hands on you?”

He carefully held the silver hair.

His red eyes clearly contained greed.

Chester was craving something.

“One step closer, two steps away, you’re really tricky.”

Chester kissed the silver hair in his hand.

It was a very careful kiss.

As if a person suffering from a terrible thirst soothed their cracked mouth with a sip of water.

“I thought she was in my grasp, but if she sees a very small gap, she’ll get out. How can I hold onto you?”

Yulia tossed and turned as if something was uncomfortable.

There was a deep smile around his mouth.

And his eyes looking at her were like an alluring devil who coveted a pure soul.

“If I break your wings and cover your eyes and ears, won’t I live without the anxiety of not knowing when you’ll leave my side?”

There was a loud noise outside.

However, Chester just stayed still as he had already expected it.

He slowly waited for people’s footsteps and voices to get closer, while touching Yulia’s hair lying on his lap.

“Your Excellency!”

“Shh, don’t wake her up.”

He ordered them to lower the volume.

Even his voice was very small in case she woke up.

“I’ll take the princess myself. Bring a big blanket.”


“And prepare an accommodation at the nearest town’s best location. Permanent residency is also fine.”

When the order was issued, they moved in order, bringing the blanket first and handing it over to Chester.

He wrapped Yulia’s body in a blanket and hugged her carefully.

He chose a horse rather than a carriage to move quickly.

After wearing the top he was handed over, he rode the horse, holding Yulia in his arms.

Chester raised the corners of his mouth as she fell asleep unprotected in her arms.

“Yulia, I’ll be happy to wear a sheep mask if you want.”

Unlike the corner of his mouth, his eyes were cold.

The affection that existed when Yulia was awake disappeared, and only his blood-coloured eyes were seen.

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