Chapter 18

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Yulia's POV:

I don’t think I can stand it if I stay here for a little bit. I didn’t want to be with him anymore.

Maybe he wanted me to disappear from here first. Because he’s been searching for Cecil till now.

“Yulia. Stop.”

 He warned quietly from behind.

But I had no intention of obeying the warning. It was the moment I tried to go down the stairs without looking back.


He hugged me from behind. The moment I tried to go down the stairs, I was caught by him.

I was lifted from the ground. What kind of person is this strong?

I heard his menacing voice behind my ears.

“Listen to what I say and then leave.”

“…I have nothing more to say. So let go of me.”

“Yulia. What should I do to change your mind?”


My back touched the wall. His face looked very angry.

But at the same time, it seemed to have been hurt.

His expression was like a person who was hurt a lot just to the point where I felt like I did something wrong.

“Yulia, I love you. I love you so much.”

“……That’s a lie.”

“What should I do? To make you believe me?’

How light it is to say that I love you now.

How easy can it be said when used as a means to hold me?

Whatever you do and say, I can’t believe it. No, I wouldn’t believe it.

”There’s no way you slept with someone you didn’t even care about, it’s common sense, Yulia.”

“No, it’s possible.”


“Because I did.”

“Then, you, ha!”

His expression looked like a wronged person.

“Can you kiss and sleep with someone you don’t have in your heart?”

“…Yes. I thought I couldn’t but I could.”

His hand grabbed my chin tightly.

He looked very hurt, but I didn’t understand at all why he looked like that.

His lips overlapped over mine. It was a sudden kiss..

I was very embarrassed, but the embarrassment soon disappeared. He was so rough that my mouth started tingling.

I felt like he was only trying to quench his thirst without any affection and kindness.

It was a kiss with no consideration at all so it was not strange when my lips started swelling. 

Like a hungry beast, his tongue swept through my mouth. Only after digging through my mouth could I breathe fresh air as his lips fell off.


“I thought you could do this without love. Why do you look like you’re going to cry?”


“What? Yulia, hurry up and answer me.”

I was scared. Once again, I was able to realize that this person was truly a villain.

Externally, he is called a war hero who can overthrow the imperial family if he wants to.

I forgot that he was a person who had the power to subdue the imperial family.

I guess I lost my fear for a while. 

“Can you do this to someone you really don’t care about?”

If I said that I could do that here, he looked precarious as if he would collapse. 

He got his face on my shoulder. I could feel his hand shaking.

“I’m asking. Answer me, Yulia.”


His trembling voice was too different from what I knew.

I felt impulsive, because of his trembling voice, his expression that was on the verge of collapsing, and his pleading.

I was still scared of him, but at the same time, I felt sorry for him. I always feel like I’m looking at my old self.

For this reason, I made a choice that I might regret.

I grabbed both his cheeks with my hand and I put my lips together over his lips.

His personality was also revealed in the kiss.

Like a man who wouldn’t miss a breath, he tied my tongue with his tongue. Even a deep breath was swallowed by his lips.

It was a kiss that was so possessive that it was painful that my eyes were burning. 

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