Chapter 46

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Yulia's POV :

It was my limit. 

I couldn’t hold on because I didn’t have enough air.

 I wonder if I’m going to drown again? 

I didn’t want to die. I wanted to live. 

I regretted it. If I knew this would happen, I should have learned swimming in advance. 

I fell into the water and never learned how to swim in this life. 

Silly me.

The moment I gave up everything, something soft overlapped over my lips and air came through my mouth.

I desperately hung on to the air bubbles that prolong my life. I didn’t want to miss it.


What I felt after the proper air entered my lungs and breathed heavily was the coldness that froze my whole body. My whole body trembled. 

I could only wrap my arms around Chester’s neck and rely on him.

His clothes were wet alongside mine, so I didn’t feel warm at all. 


“Yulia, are you cold?” 

I don’t want to die, so my arm hugging his neck is more powerful than before.

The water-soaked dress felt heavier. Even though I’m not heavy, how much harder would it be for him to support me with one hand?

I felt sorry. I felt like a bag of luggage.

Slowly, my mind became messed up. 

The feeling of wanting to close my eyes and fall asleep gradually became stronger.

“Yulia. Hang in there.” 

He took me out of the water first, and we came out of the water, he held my waist tightly with the other hand. 

He hugged me very lightly as if I was a feather, even though the dress must have been heavy from water. 

With my arms tightly wrapped around his neck, I buried my face on his shoulder. 

Chester patted me gently on the back as if trying to reassure me who was trembling. 

“Yulia. It’s okay, don’t be afraid.” 

I couldn’t hear him properly. In the past, I remembered the feeling of freezing in very cold water after falling from a high place. 

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