Chapter 25

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Yulia's POV:

"Are you here now?”

It didn’t take long to realize what this meant.

I saw a black figure swaying from the terrace.

Yeah. I thought he wouldn’t come to my room in broad daylight, but I didn’t think he’d come at night.

I was convinced that anyone with a conscience would be able to push that face into me.

“Why are you here?”

A person’s silhouette was seen behind the curtain on the terrace. It’s probably the villain.

“I missed you, Yulia.”

“You know I don’t want to see you at all.”


“The fact that I don’t want to see you, the Duke himself knows best.”

The bird flapped its wings toward the terrace as if to return to its owner.

He was seen at a glance through the open door in the wind.

Is even his sorry expression an act?

“Take the bird. It’s obvious that you’re the owner. And don’t send birds again.”


“And a stranger can’t enter the room of the Princess.”

The only people who could enter the Princess’s room without permission were my father, the Emperor, and my brother, the Crown Prince.

There was no case of recklessly entering without knocking as the villain.

“Duke Chester of Siegbert.”


“Let’s end our relationship here.”

Please……I want to break it off here.

“Because I’m not the one you’re looking for in the first place.”

This is the way for each other. No, maybe it’s just for me.

I intend to protect my precious family and protect the name of the Empire, unlike in the story.

And I won’t love this many foolishly as Yulia in the novel.

“……Say it again, Yulia.”

“Let’s end it here. Please don’t pretend to know me from now on.”


“Because the Duke has been looking for the Marquis of Chloe for a long time……”

“Who am I looking for?”

Having been sticking to silence, he opened his mouth.

A dull voice that makes it difficult to notice the chill in it yet still gives an overwhelming feeling.

“No one can know.”

It wasn’t wrong. But I knew it.

I know that Cecil is the person you were looking for.

As a reader of this novel, I was confident that I knew the ending of this novel better than anyone else.

I didn’t mean to change the entire flow of the novel.

I just wanted to prevent my tragic ending and live a normal and happy life with my family.

How did everything go wrong? 

Because I wanted to change the content of the original? Or because of my greed?

“Yulia. I’ll correct what you just said. The person you’re talking about is not the person I’m looking for.”



If not Cecil, who else? Is it some third party I don’t even know about? Then we can go to the third person.

Yes. I was relieved that I would no longer have anything to do with the villain.

But why do I feel empty, and not happy?

“Yulia. I’ll be back tomorrow.”

“Don’t come.”

“I’ll come to you again and again until you show up to me first.”

“Don’t come!”

“…Yes. I won’t come to you at night until you approach me first.”

The bird flew to the terrace and disappeared with the villain.

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