Date day

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Tiny's POV
"Tryna go onna nail date wimme?" Slim asked. We were now sitting on her couch chilling. Although this shit is killing me inside it's kinda nice to be back around her.

I don't wanna ruin it either. I know this is a once in a while thing so imma enjoy is while I can. I was about to answer but she put her feet on my lap. I pushed them off and she mugged me.

"Girl don't push my feet" "ion want them dogs on me" "like they ain't used to be in yo mouth" she said smirking at me. Okay and did. She had some pretty ass feet. Like model type. Like perfect ass feet.

I rolled my eyes and looked away. "Exactly" she said laughing. Mmcht. I'd do it again though. I ain't never sucked toes in my life. But what she wanna walk in my life that change. Ughhh.

"What time we going?" I asked. "Now" "bet" I said and got up. "Where you going?" Girllll you just said we finna go get our nails done. And I really need mine done.

"To find some clothes" I said continuing to walk to her room. I heard her let out a little laugh and I shook my head. It ain't my first time here. Definitely won't be my last if I can help it.

I stood in her closet looking for clothes. She got a lot and I don't know what I wanna wear. I sighed and looked in the mirror at myself.

I really miss the fuck outta her. But I didn't this shit and I don't know how to fix it. It's clear she doesn't want talk about it right now. Imma respect that and try to have a normal day.

All of a sudden I felt arms snake their way around my waist. I instantly relaxed into her embrace. Laying my head on her shoulder and closing my eyes I took in her scent.

My favorite fucking smell. One that hasn't been around in what feels like forever. And I hate that shit. But there's nobody to blame but me. If I could take it back I would. But now I gotta live with it.

She pulled back and I opened my eyes. Then she wiped my face. "Get dressed" then she walked out. I didn't even realize tears had fallen.

I took a deep breath and took so clothes out. Imma just wear crop top and some pants or some shit. Maybe some stacked leggings.

I grabbed the clothes and walked out the room. Then I walked back in. Yeah I'm finna wear some joggers. After I got those I walked back out.

"Did you bathe me?" I asked. Knowing her she probably did. "Yeah" she said putting her clothes on. I nodded and stared.

I stared at the body I once claimed mine. It was hard not to. Seeing everything that I lost. How the fuck did I give that up.

I shook my head and started undressing. This girl ain't put me on no underwear. I think I wanna wear boxers today anyways.

Making my way over to her drawer butterball naked I began to look for some boxers. "Ass getting fat ma" she said then smacked my ass hard.

"Owwww slimmm" I whined rubbing it. She laughed and I mugged her. Always wanna play. Rolling my eyes I took out some froot loop boxers and put them on.

I turned around to see her sitting on the bed dressed. "You waiting on me?" "Nahhh but hurry up" I squinted my eyes at her because never is she rushing me.

I made my way over to my clothes and put them on. I don't want to wear a bra so I'm not gonna. The crop top can say as my bra.

"Change cause where yo bra?" Damn that came outta no where. "I look fine" I said looking in her mirror. Okay my nipples are kinda poking but that'll be okay.

"Change. I'm not gone say it again" she said looking in my eyes through the mirror. Something about her assertive tone.

I huffed and walked back to her closet. I'm just finna throw on a sports bra and a hoodie. She act like her titties ain't bigger than mine.

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