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Slim's POV

"Whatchu want?" I asked Tiny. We've been sitting here for a good hour. All she's been doing is staring at me.

I know this is backwards as fuck because I was just fucking her. But she resurfaced feelings that I didn't want to come up. Plus...I never even blocked her.

"Stop talking to me like that" she said. "Okay sorry but gon head and say Whatchu gotta say" I said picking up a blunt and lighting it.

"Slim I- I want you back. I want us back" "imma gone head and say this now. I'm not want you want. This ain't want you want" I said smoking my blunt.

"Slim yes it is. I know what I want. What you saying that yeen feeling me no more?" She asked. I don't know how the fuck she got that but whatever.

"Nahh I'm incapable of feelings. For us to go back to what we had then we're going to need feelings. Feelings that I don't have. Feelings that I couldn't grasp even if I wanted to." I said then paused going back to my blunt.

I ain't incapable of catching feelings. I just don't want to be with you. You ruined everything.

"So what was all that shit you told me back then if you're so incapable of having feelings." She asked.

"Then is then. Now is now. People change. Things change." YOU CHANGED. I wanted to say but kept it to myself.

"I never thought the circumstances would have changed you" I mumbled. "What?" "Nothing."

"Even if I did have feelings we'd eventually need love. And I know for a fact that I'm incapable of love." I said sitting back and enjoying my blunt. Incapable of loving you.

At least I thought that until she came into my life. I thought that I finally found someone worth loving and shit. But I guess that's what I get for thinking.

"Slim you're not incapable of feelings and you're not incapable of love. Look can we just try again. I'm sorry okay? Lets try again and maybe this time put a title to it. Maybe that's where we messed up" she said.

Who the fuck is we. Que DJ KHALED because who is we nigga. I didn't fuck up shit. She did and what she said don't even make sense but okay. I'm trying to save her the heartache but she just don't want to listen.

"I'm telling you. I'm not the same. But if you want this then okay. Just don't get mad and shit at me when I do certain stuff. I tryed to warn you and tell you but you just don't wanna believe me." I said. By now my blunt was a roach so I just left it on my tray.

"So you're saying you'll be my girlfriend?" She asked with hopeful eyes. Is that all she got from that? Is that all she fucking got? Okay Ight. She better not be fucking crying and hurt when I cheat. Well it's not cheating because I'm not in this relationship. It's her alone by herself.

"Yeah sure. Whatever. If that gets you outta my house then yeah" I said. "Damn okay. Can I get a kiss before I leave?" She said getting up. I did the same and walked over to the door.

I nodded thinking nothing of it. Worst decision of my life. As soon as her lips hit mine a wave of emotions came flooding in. I quickly pulled back and tried to ignore them.

She was still in my face staring. Ughhh fuck my life. I grabbed her face and tongued her down. She quickly won dominance over the kiss. We made out for a bit before our hands started roaming.

My hands rubbed over her ass before settling around her waist. Her arms wrapped around my neck. I picked her up and turned so her back was on the wall.

Her legs wrapped around my waist. She pulled back but I went back in sucking on her tongue. I felt her smile before pulling back. She attached herself to my neck and started making hickeys.

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