Dead hoe

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Slim's POV

"Wake yo ass the fuck up" I said shooting Tai in her knee. We done made it passed the niggas in the living room. Fucking crackheads snorting shit.

Now we're in the back room. She's sleep. Well she was until I shot her ass. "Ahhhh Fuckkk" she yelled sitting up. I just laughed.

"I'm alive bitch" I smirked. "Well what do we have here" she gritted hiding her pain. "She dumped yo ass ain't she? And now she finna come back home" she said.

"Dumbfuck" I said and pistol whipped her. She was sitting on a couch so she fell over on it. Why is there no bed in this room. Stupid bitch.

"Girl kill her" Asjah said watching the door. "Nooo not yet" I whined. Then I focused my attention back on Tai. She sat up and stared me down.

"Do something. You so big and bad" I said. Her hand slid under the couch and she pressed something. "Sticky she just pressed something. She just pressed something"

Asjah smacked her lips. "I told you to kill her ass" and she shot her in the head making me pout. "That was my kill" I said. "Shut the fuck up. Now we in some shit"

I rolled my eyes and staring hitting Tai with my gun. "You dumbfuck. I coulda had a lil forever. A lil woot da woot. But nahhh. You messed the shit up. Yeen bout nun bitch. Look at yo ass dead. Dead as the fucking roaches on yo floor. Dirty hoe"

"Ight nigga. She already dead. Now she ain't got no face." Asjah said pushing me. I'm tired anyway. "What we finna do?" I asked out of breath.

"Get the fuck up outta here before some shit happen. Why yeen tell me bout that button" "bitch cause I ain't know" I said glaring at her.

"Ight lemme go first though" and I walked ahead of her. She ain't finna die because of me. I rounded the corner and the door opened.

"Go back" I whispered pushing Asjah back. "Yo it's us" somebody said. That voice sound so fucking familiar. "Jah? That's Jah" Asjah said.

Jahser? No wonder that voice sounded familiar. He came in the hall staring at us and pulled his mask down smiling. "Nigga what the hell you doing here?" I asked hugging him.

He walked over and hugged Asjah next. "Trell said y'all needed backup" he said laughing. Nigga this ain't no heist. "We might do. She done pressed some button." Asjah said glaring at me.

"Sorry" I said throwing my hands up. "Well we deep. Let's go before shit pop off" he said and as soon as he turned his walkie-talkie went off. "They here" oh fuck.

"Ight y'all stay in here" he said. "I can shoot" I said smiling but he stale faced me. I huffed and walked back to the room with Asjah.

Two seconds later he came back and pushed Booda in the shit the door. "What it do pooh bear" Asjah said. She hugged both of us then sat down.

Booda is Jah's little sister. They used to be under my dad now their under Tiny's. It's only them. No one else. He's tryna save up money and shit to get outta this and move them away.

My dad offered to help but he wanted to be independent and grind on his own. So they made a deal. Whatever he has when he leaves my dad is gonna double that. He accepted it.

Jah said in another year he'd have everything he ever wanted. Booda's still in school though. It's her last year. After that they're leaving.

"Why was yall here?" Booda asked. Asjah started explaining it to her. I tuned them out and pulled out my phone.

To: Maybe Stinkabutt😩💗
Yo ex dead🤪 as dead as our "relationship"

I laughed then blocked her. Ughhhhh I hate this fucking shit man.

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