Giovanni's Birthday

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July 15th
Slimm POV

"Fuckkk" I woke up moaning. I look down to see Tiny between my legs. "Mhhhh" I moaned grinding on her tongue. I don't know how long she's been down there but all I know is that I'm about to cum. "Ahhh fuck." I said as she stuck two fingers in me while sucking on my clit. "I- I- shiiiiit" I moaned as my legs shook and I came in her mouth.

She came up and kissed me letting me taste myself. "Happy birthday baby. Just wait til later tonight." I nodded and kissed her again. "You not sore from last night?" I asked because I blew her shit the fuck out. "Oh I am. I'm surprised my legs even work. My legs wouldn't stop fucking shaking for nothing. But don't worry imma get you back. Oh and you're carrying me to the bathroom." I laughed and carried her to the bathroom.

We got in the bathroom and stripped. Once my clothes were off I looked at my stomach. She left a hickey trail. Her and these damn hickeys. Now I can't wear a fucking crop top. Man fuck it imma still wear one.

I looked up at her through the mirror. She was just staring at my body. Just watching it. Like she wanted to eat me alive. If I'm sexy she should have just said that. "Fuck" I heard her mumble. She getting me wet with the look she giving me. She needa stop.

"Fuck is you looking at me like that for?" I turned around and she came out of whatever trance she was in. "Your so fucking gorgeous" she said walking closer to me. I backed up and sat on the counter.

She came in between my legs and kissed me. "Eww morning breath" I said. "Nigga I just ate yo pussy. Shutup and kiss me." I laughed and kissed her again. She put her hands on my boob and squeezed them.

"Mmhhhh ok ok let's get in the shower." "Uht uht. You looking too good right now." She said then began sucking on my left nipple. This shit felt so good. I was in my own little world enjoying it and she gon stop.

"You look good with them hickeys." She said smiling. I rolled my eyes and hopped down going to the shower. I turned it on and waited. "You and these damn hickeys." "You gave me some lastnight though." She pouted.

Yeah I did give her some lastnight. Not as much as she left me though. Only on her stomach. Maybe her neck to. Okay and some on the inside of her thighs. But that's it. I think.

"Whatever let's get in the shower." We got into the shower and she hugged me from behind. We just stayed like this for a lil while. I was so comfortable being with her it scared me a lil bit. I have never really clicked with someone this fast before.

She has this energy that literally matched mine. She is literally so fucking gorgeous. I scored a bad bitch and anyone who looks at her knows it. When we walk into this party later on it's over. We gonna be the baddest Bitches them hoes ever seen. Imma make sure she match my fly too. I might even let her wear my chain just so hoes know she mine.

"Stinkk?" I said turning around. "Hmmm" she hummed looking away smiling. I know she likes when I call her that or baby because she always tried to hide her face. It's cute though. My lil gangsta getting all blushy.

"We gon match for my party. okay?" "Yeah okay that's fine." I grabbed her hands and pulled her into a kiss. I was slow and it felt good. It made me a lil tingly. This is scary. I really don't know if I want to be feeling like this.

I pulled away and turned around to wash my body. I didn't want to make eye contact so I just washed myself and moved out the way so she can wash herself. Even though I just scared myself I wasn't going to stop vibing with her.

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