Trouble in da hood (Month 4)

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Tiny POV

Last week was my birthday week. August 1st was my actual birthday. I took a trip to Bali with my family. I didn't have a party because I didn't want one. Slim sent my presents once I got back. She bought me some shoes, clothes, and a chain with her initial on it. Yes I wear the chain because why not.

I'm currently laying in my bed scrolling through IG and see I get tagged in a post.


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VVS.Shanna she back where she belong🤪 @RMS.SLIMM @RMS.T1NY

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Oh ok. Lil ugly bitch think she the shit. I'm just waiting for the day I can buss a cap in her stupid ass. Not slim going back to her ass. After I done punched her.

I kinda knew she was gon go back to her after I left. I just didn't want to believe it. Kinda got me tight Ian gon lie. But imma thug so imma G this shit out. I'm not gon bring it up. I want her to tell me. She not even mine but got me in my feelings. Stupid hoe.

At the moment I don't even want to talk to her. I put my phone down and went downstairs. "Hey dad. What's for lunch." "You better Fiend for yourself. Oh and the Twins." he said walking off. He get on my nerves. Don't never wanna make me nothing. He cooks dinner about twice a week. I usually cook on the days he doesn't.

The twins not even up yet. Imma just fix some sandwiches and put theirs in the fridge. After I finished making lunch I went back to my room and cut the tv on. While I was eating my phone kept going off. Stupid bitch stop fucking texting me.

After a while i decided to look at my phone. I had 10 missed calls, 11 text messages, and 3 voicemails all from her. I clicked on my messages and read those first. I roll my eyes at her contact name. I definitely should change it.

Future Wife💕💍😩
Hey bae umm Ik you seen that post I just wanted to clear the air.

Future Wife💕💍😩
Can I call u?

Future Wife💕💍😩
Ok look I just want to tell u otp and not thru text

Future Wife💕💍😩
Tiny man I'm sorry but just like call me

Future Wife💕💍😩
I promise it's not what you think

Future Wife💕💍😩
Can you at least tmb

Future Wife💕💍😩
I called u....can u call me back??

Future Wife💕💍😩
I'm just going to keep calling you until you answer

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