Giovanni's party

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Slimm POV

Girl, you know I-I-I
Girl, you know I-I-I
I've been fiendin'
Wake up in the late night
Dreamin' about your lovin'
Here we are. Clit to clit. Grinding to the music because I couldn't keep my hands off her.
Girl, you know I-I-I
Girl, you know I-I-I
Don't need candles or cake
Just need your body to make your
Birthday sex
Birthday sex
"Ouuuu shittt" I moaned. My body jerked as I came. I  kept grinding which made my juices rub against her clit. Making her cum right after me.
(It's the best day of the year girl)
Birthday sex
Birthday sex
It feels like, feels like
I continued grinding slowly. I was about to get off but she pulled me up to ride my face.
Lemme hit that G-spot, G-spot, girl
First, I'm gonna take a dive into the water
I whimpered when I felt her tongue slide in.
Deep until I know I pleased that body, body
Or girl without a broom I might just sweep you off your feet
She gripped my thighs and just devoured me as my juices ran down her face.
And make you wanna tell somebody-body, how I do
Yeah we gon be late to this party.

Still Slim's POV
(The party started at 10 btw)

We walk into the club looking good. We are wearing the dresses and some heels. With a mini purse that has a gun in it. You always gotta be prepared.

As soon as we walked in my brother walked to the Moro phone and said "here's the birthday girl accompanied by her girlfriend." Yeah I made sure they said girlfriend.

After he announced it ever look over towards the door where we were. I grabbed her face a kissed her. "You're off limits tonight baby." I said letting her face go. She nodded and we walked off.

We were in a strip club so of course they had. strippers. They had strippers on stage and people throwing money. It was hella crowded. The music was loud to. Me and Tiny made our way upstairs to the VIP section.

They had shots already waiting for us. I'm kinda surprised. I usually have to sneak alcohol but I guess my dad don't care no more. Me and Tiny took three shots each before we started dancing.

Only a few people were up here. It was like 15 of us. It was some girls from the high school I graduated from. A few girls from my neighborhood and my bestfriend. Then it was my brother and his homeboys. We were all upstairs.

30 minutes later

We were both getting danced on by strippers when she leaned over and said "tryna fuck em together?" "Hell fucking yeah" I said dapping her up. I like the way she thinks.

45 minutes later

I was twearking on Tiny when Asjah my bestfriend came over to me. She pulled me up and whispered in my ear "hey best ummm Shanna just walked in." Fuck man. She always messing something up. "Ok thanks for letting me know." She nodded.

"Sticky, Tiny. Tiny, Sticky" I said introducing them. "Ouuu she pretty best. Good fucking upgrade" I shook my head and pushed her away. "Yo other bitches must be ugly." Tiny said. "Nah ion fuck with ugly bitches. You just pretty as fuck" she smiled hard at my compliment and kissed me.

I pulled Tiny toward me and told her that Shanna was here. She just nodded and went back to dancing on me. After about a minute I looked up and saw Shanna walking up the stairs. Tiny saw her too and stopped dancing.

I pulled Tiny into me and hugged on her as Shanna walked up. "Hey baby." Shanna said. I just ignored her. "I know you hear me talking to you." She said. I continued to ignore her. "It's okay because as soon as yo bitch leave I'll be back at yo crib." Usually she'd be right but I think imma chill on her for now. When she said those words Tiny's head shot up and Shanna smirked.

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