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Slim's POV

"YO ASJAH" I yelled walking into her house. "Shut the fuck up yelling". She said coming out the kitchen.

"Where my child?" I asked sitting on the couch. She came and sat beside me hitting me on my head.

"Sleep and if he wake up because of you, you putting him back to sleep." She said and I rubbed the back of my head nodding.

Asjah had a eight month old son named Zion Ahmir Sykes. Of course he's my Godchild. Her and the baby daddy aren't together. They were never together.

They were just sneaky links in highschool and she ended up pregnant. He was the last dude she ever slept with. He was only the second dude she ever slept with.

Her baby daddy is very supportive though. His name is Jason and he takes really could care of Zion. They co-parent and never have any problems. Being that said of course he isn't on child support.

She also never had a relationship with a boy before. She's only had one real relationship and That was with a girl back in middle school.

Asjah moved from here to Pennsylvania in middle school and didn't come back til sophomore summer. During that time period she found her first love.

Well her first everything. That was her first real relationship. Her first girl relationship. The person she gave her body to. The person she kissed first. They shared a lot of firsts.

But sadly they broke up because they were moving away. They didn't try long distance and I really don't get that. They loved each other so they could have tried.

But I can tell she still loves the girl. She doesn't talk about her at all anymore though. I don't know if she lost hope in reuniting with her or something else.

The first couple of months when she came back were not good. She barely did anything. I had to drag her out the house most times. At that time she was living with her parents.

Her parents are rich. They own a lot of apartment buildings. That's how they get their money. She gets her money from YouTube.

She started YouTube as a joke her senior year. But she blew up in only a few months. Now she is 10k away from having a million subscribers.

"Why you here?" She asked eating some fries I guess she cooked. Asjah can really throw down in the kitchen unlike me. I can grill though for some reason.

"Because I can damn. Don't act like you don't want me here" I said taking a dry only for her to smack it out my hand.

"You better take yo ass to the kitchen and get yo own fries." She said mugging me. I just sat there and mugged her back.

Pulling out my phone I went to snap and started recording. "Y'all my Bestfriend no love me nomo. New bestfriend applications." I said then put the camera on Asjah.

"Bitch I wish you would find a new bestfriend. Imma fuck you and her up. Try me hoe" she said snatching my phone and ending the video.

"Rude ass" I mumbled taking my phone back. "Gimme a fry pleaseeee" I whined.

"Mmcht here mane" she said smacking her lips and feeding me a fry. "Tank youuuuu" I said smiling.

"I thought you were leaving today?" She said putting her bowl on the coffee table. When she sat back I laid my head in her lap.

"I was but she been distant for the past week. I think this is her nice way of saying don't come. Or ion fuck wit you nomo."

"Damn the one time you catch feelings and the girl dumps you" she said laughing. I sat up and pushed her head. Then I moved to the other side of the couch and crossed my arms.

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