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I see y'all hate me so here's some seckssss

2 weeks later
Slim's POV

"Hello" I said picking up my phone
"Can we uhh talk?"
"Talk about what?"
"Slim I don't wanna pretend"
"It was only one day"
"Okay and I enjoyed it"
"So what's the problem?"
"I want more"
"Can- look I ain't even gotta come there"
"I can get a hotel or some shit and we can talk"
"Ight send me the address"
"MK see you later"

I hung up without responding. Time to spark again because imma need it. Definitely finna use her for some pussy.

I'm not finna talk shit out. It's either I fuck or I leave. Not finna entertain her shit. Already ain't ate no pussy since her so I'm definitely finna take this opportunity while I can.

She finna be used for my sexual desires and that's it. If she don't like it she can leave. I ain't ask her to keep coming around. This her decision.

"Ouuu lemme get the rest of that" Asjah said. I passed her the blunt and lit another one. Her and Jay'Lani are still not together.

Jay'Lani been trying hit her up and explain shit but Asjah not tryna hear it. I can tell she miss her though. She still cry's sometimes too. I know that eventually when she's ready she gon talk to her.

"You finna go somewhere?" She asked. "Yep. I'm finna go fuck" "who?" I turned my head and gave her a look. "Oh shit. Why?" She asked laughing.

"She wanna talk. But little do she know it's either we fuck or I leave. Even though I'm leaving after we fuck." I said shrugging.

"That sound good. Imma do that. Not right now though. She got life fucked up. And you know what makes this whole fucking situation harder?"

"What?" I asked blowing smoke out. "The fact that Zion keeps asking for her. Jay this and Jay that. I mean I knew they had a lil bond or whatever but I ain't know tha shit was that deep. I tried to explain that she can't come around no more but he cried. So now I gotta FaceTime her whenever he ask for her."

Damn. I can't even imagine that shit. Aweeee poor Zion. "I promise the next muhh fucker I bring round him gon have to be already married to me"

I choked on the fucking smoke at that. I'm low key team Jay'Lani. Ion want a next. They was goals and shit. Not even finna cap. I wanted what they had. Thought I found that shit too.

Don't get me wrong. It's still fuck Jay'Lani. But if ion like the next girl...she gon have to take Jay'Lani back. I think they gon bounce back though.

That's what Asjah this about me and Tiny though. She also thinks I'm scared but I don't think that. I really don't know what to think.

"You not gon get back with her?" "Depends on what she tell me when I go talk to her" I just nodded. Makes sense. I'll probably change my mind when I hear whatever she did also.

My phone dinged and I picked it up seeing a message from Tiny. "I'm finna go" I said standing up. "Ight imma stay here" she said laying down on the couch.

"Why?" I asked stuffing blunts in my purse. Imma need them. "Because I can." She said mugging me. "She at yo house ain't she?" She nodded and laughed.

Then she sighed and grabbed another blunt. "Why she had to do me like that? I was supposed to marry that girl. Now I can't get over her and neither can my son" she said rolling her eyes.

"You gon be straight?" I asked. "Yep. Finna smoke, have this breakdown, smoke again then go to sleep." "Youn need me to stay?" Because I definitely will.

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