Trip to Virginia

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Slim's POV

"Stop bitching." I said to Asjah. We are 30 minutes away from Tiny's house. We were supposed to arrive an hour ago but Asjah was take her sweet time.

"I told yo ass I ain't even want to be here" she said turning in the seat. We were in the back seat of a black Range Rover. My dead had someone drive us just because.

"Too bad" I said then got back on my phone. "You know you never told me what yo girlfriend name was" I said randomly.

"What girlfriend?" She asked. "Yo first love" "why you wanna know? Why was you even thinking about that?" She asked and I shrugged. "It just popped up." She just nodded then went back quiet.

"Jay'Lani" she mumbled but I understood it. "Why don't you ever talk about her?" I asked putting my phone away. She sighed and I knew this conversation was finna get emotional.

"What's there to talk about?" She asked bitterly. "You still love her" I asked and she nodded. "So what's the problem?" "I guess I just have this small hatred for her." "Why?"

"Because she broke up with me. She didn't even want to try at doing long distance. I just can't help but wonder if her love was genuine. I know I shouldn't question but it's like if you really loved me how you said you did then you're supposed to fight for us. If she really loved me then she would have fought for us and we would have tried long distance. If it didn't work out then it just didn't. But at least we would have tried." She said sighing.

"But the thing is that day she broke up with me was the same day I found out she was moving. Her exact words were "we have to break up. I'm moving away and I can't handle long distance. Please don't hate me. Just know I love you and always will" then she kissed me and walked out my house." She said with tears coming down now. I pulled her into me and let her cry on my chest.

"I didn't even get a say so. She tried to be friends afterwards but I couldn't just be friends with her. I just couldn't. So I fell back from her. It just hurts to even think that she didn't truly love me. I wanna think she did but it's hard. It's hard because if she did she would have tried. She would have tried for us. She would have tried for me." She said, her voice cracking on the last part.

"But what hurts more is knowing that I'll never get over her. It hurts knowing that I still and will always love her. I just hate her for not trying for us." She said sniffling.

I just rubbed her back and let her vent to me. I'm kinda glad I asked because it sounds like she needed this. She needed to get this off her chest.

I didn't know what to say because I've never been in this situation. I've never even been in love. I've had a couple relationships but I've never been in love with the person. Sure I've told them I love them. But I never meant it.

"We're here" the man upfront said. I don't know his name and don't plan on knowing it. "Okay" I responded.

"Ok look well talk more about this later. Right now let's go have some fun and forget it okay?" I said to Asjah and she nodded. I wiped her tears then pecked her lips.

"Ight. Let's go." I said and we got out the car. Walking up to the door I rang the doorbell and some light skinned girl opened it.

"Hi I—" she started but stopped and stared behind me. I turned my head and looked at Asjah who was starring back at the girl.

"Asjah?" The girl whispered. That made Asjah start crying all over again. The girl walked pass me and hugged Asjah but Asjah didn't hug back.

"Get off me" Asjah cried. But the girl stayed on her. "Jay'Lani move" Asjah said more clear and stern. Which made the girl let her go.

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