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Slim's POV

I walked up to the restaurant door and opened it. 8:58. Literally two minutes before they closed. I had to stop and do some shit before I came here.

Anyways we rolled up deep. Deep as hell. Some were wearing black and some won't. I ain't feel it was necessary seeing that we were only retrieving two people. I wore the jogging suit I had on earlier. Just because.

"We're closing" the girl at the front said. "Yeah I know. I just need two of your workers. I think they names are Khalil and Jaleel." "Sure but what is the reason?" She asked. This why bitches like her die. They ask to many questions.

"Just go get them" I said. She didn't move so I flashed my gun. Immediately, she turned around and walked to the back. "Follow her" I said and a couple of them did.

"How you know they worked tonight?" Jb asked. "That's what they schedule said." "Oh"

"Yo so tell me why when I was on live right..." Asjah said and I nodded for her to continue. "A nigga gon comment RIP Candice. So I was like RIP her or whatever. Jay gon ask who she is and the bitch gon say Candice dick fit in yo mouth" I bust out laughing.

The shit people come up with these days. "So I responded can this glock fit in yo ass and he left." She said making me laugh harder. I'm too weak right now.

A few minutes later our boys came out with the two dudes. They were terrified. "Let's roll" I said walking out. Everybody walked out plain and simple. Like we didn't just kidnap two people.


"Uhhhh keep them together" I said watching them tie the dudes up to a chair. Once they were finished they left the room.

I sat infront of them watching as they cried and whimpered. They some pussy ass lil boys because I ain't even did nothing yet.

"Ok so poison. Who did it?" Neither one of them spoke up. "I asked a question" still silence. I nodded and took my gun out. Then put it on the floor and spun it.

"Game time" I said smirking. We all watched as the gun slowly came to a stop landing on Khalil. "It's chosen you" I said then picked it up and shot his leg. They both screamed but his was out of pain.

"Shut the fuck up nigga damn" he stopped screaming and I laughed. "Okay so my girl was poisoned yesterday at that restaurant. Whatchu know bout that?"

"N- n- n- " "bitch stop fucking stuttering I said. I swear I hate a mutha fucker who can't get they words out.

He swallowed and started again. "I- I- I don't know an- anything a- a- about th- th that" he said. I'm two second away from killing him. His bitch ass can't even speak straight.

"Okay moving on" I said moving to the next guy. I really need a blunt right now. It's hot as fuck. I stood infront of the nigga named Jaleel.

"Your turn" I said. "It was Shanna" he immediately said. I wanted to laugh because this nigga snitched so fucking fast.

I took my hoodie off then threw it to the side. Leaving my in my sports bra. "Ight so tell me the story"he began to tell me everything.

"Damn she just cost you life" I said. Shanna already got me fucked up but then this Tai girl just keep popping her head in the picture. But imma fuck with who I wanna fuck with. Ain't nobody gon scare me off.

"You know where she be?" I said asking about Shanna. It's time to go head and but an end to her ass. I wasn't even fucking with her heavy. It's giving obsessed.

"She still stay in that same beat up trailer" he said. It's crazy how calm he's talking like I ain't finna kill his ass.

"Bet" I said then pistol whipped him.
(A/N: it's on my bucket list to pistol whip someone. Idky but it just is. It sound so fun)

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