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Donkey ass of a chapter😵‍💫

A few seconds earlier

Slim walked out the store and to the car. She started pumping gas. While she waited she got on her phone. Two men crept up on both sides of her.

Tai watched from a distance as everything went on. She was waiting for the moment they did something to slim. "Hurry up" she whispered to herself.

One man had a gun and the other had a knife. The man with the gun came up to her front side. "This is from Tai" he said.

Before he could even pull his gun out she pulled hers out and shot him three times. His body dropped to the floor and she slowly backed up.

People yelled and drove away in fear. Some called the police. Others minded there business.

"Fuck man" Tai mumbled from the side of the building. She placed the last of her hope in the guy with a knife. He was behind Slim. Waiting for her to back up into his knife.

Slim rubbed her hands down her face. She took a deep breath and turned around. As soon as she turned around the guy was there with the knife.

He plunged it into her over and over again making her drop her gun. He did it one more time before letting her body drop to the floor and running away.

"Yes" Tai said before fleeing from the scene. Slim's body dropped the the ground as she bleed out gasping for air.

Back in the store....

"SLIMMM" Tiny cried. The men let her go and she instantly punched one in the face making him stumble back. Then she ran to the door.

You could hear sirens in the distant and people yelling. It wasn't a lot of people around due to the gunshots. Everyone ran.

Looking outside she saw no sign of Slim or Tai just a body by her car. But what she didn't see yet was that there were two bodies. Tiny ran over to the bodies.

There was three bullet holes in the first body. One to the leg. One to the chest and one to the head. The second body had five stab wounds. She still hadn't seen the second body because she was too focused on the first.

She was scared to look at the face. The body was completely covered in blood.

Her eyes rested on the face and with one quick look, there laying on the ground was....

"What the fuck bruh" Tiny said holding her chest. She didn't recognize the body which was a good thing to her. Now she just had to find Slim.

Turning around she bumped into another body. Immediately recognizing it as slims body. She dropped to the ground and started crying.

"Slimm" she cried cradling slims head. "Wake up. Pleaseee" Slim was unresponsive. Tiny checked her neck only to receive a weak pulse.

She's still alive. Tiny thought to herself. "HELPPP" she yelled. "HELPP" once she realized no one would be coming she cried more.

"Okay" she said sniffling. "Okay. We're gonna get you outta here. We're gonna get you help" she placed Slims head in her lap and opened the door.

"Baby please stay with me" she cried. Tiny stood up and picked slim's unconscious body up. "Come on" she said grunting.

She placed slim in the car, shut the door and walked over to the other side getting in. She drove off just in time. The police and and ambulance showed up as soon as she exited the gas station.

Tiny's POV

"Hello?" I said sniffling.
"Yeah?" Her brother answered.
"I- I need you to meet me at West Point"
"Why what happened"
"I don't know I- I- a" I said crying now.
"Calm down"
"I can't. She's dead. Shes dead and it's my fault"
"What's your fault? What happened? Who died?"
"Slimmm. She she she killed her"
"Who? What bruh what happened"
"She killed her. It's my fault"
"How is it your fault"
"I didn't- I- she- s"
"Take a deep breath and calm down"
"I can't. I can't. She's dead. She's beside me dead"
"Okay Tiny just- just get her there"
"I ammmm"
"I'm already on my way"
"Okayyyyy but but—"
"Do you know for sure that she's dead?"
"No but she's no conscious and barely breathing"
"Is she—"
"Stop asking me questions"
"Okay but—a" I hung up on him.

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