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Slim's POV
Continuation from the last chapter

I walking around the mall buying random shit for Iyonna. After all that shit happened I stopped communicating with her.

It was just because I had a lot to think about. Just everything that happened. And everyone coming to me asking questions. Me having to try and explain who the fuck Tai was and why she did what she did. But without telling them what she did to Tiny.

That blew up in my face because my brother wanted to blame me for the shit. Because his girlfriend got shot. That just didn't sit right with me.

He apologized after like two days though. But I still don't like how he blamed me. So right now I'm really just dismissing his every chance to talk to me. I'll talk when I'm ready.

Anyways I'm not gon lie and say I didn't miss Tiny. So I guess this is my little apology or whatever. I bought her some shoes and clothes too.

But I really ain't been to see her because we were tracking down Tai. Better known as Taizhe I learned. When she had her people shoot up the trap they hit nijea and LaLa.

Nijea survived but Lala is in a comma. We don't no when she will wake up. She was shot three times. Twice in the stomach and the other just barely missed her heart. Now we just gotta wait that shit out.

Trell and some other dude found the people who shot it up. Of course they dead now. They didn't really do a good job protecting themselves.

The people did lead us to Tai though. She's hiding out in Virginia. We've been watching her for about a week now. I found out that Shanna be with her too. Two psychotic bitches in love. Get it I guess.

Anyways I'm walking into Victoria Secrets finna buy some pink for her. I barely even shop here. Well I shouldn't say barely because she be buying this shit for me.

I'm no longer in the phone with her because I started some shit just so I could get off the phone. Now she mad. Talking about she gon go talk to someone else. I'd really smack the fuck outta her.

Tiny's POV

Ughhhh she never wanna talk to me anymore. I'm trying not to feel some type of way but I can't. It's like she just don't got time for me anymore.

I don't want to bring it up because then imma feel bad. But I just feel like she moving different. If she don't wanna fuck with me no more she can just say that.

But until then I guess imma enjoy the time I have with her. Because I just love being with her. My problem is that I wanna be up under her 24/7.

That's why I spazzed out over them 3 fucking weeks. But it started after I got poisoned. We barely talked and shit. She said it was because of her job so I tried to understand. That shit went on for a month.

Then she just up and stop talking to me. For three whole weeks. The fuck kinda shit is that. Who does that. All this is making me want to ask the what are we question. Which I don't want to but uhhggggg.

But what I don't get is how it took me posting a video of me twearking for her to hit my line. If she need to tell me some shit she needa speak up.

I just miss feeling like she's excited to talk to me. Yeah we had a good conversation today. But today doesn't account for when she basically ghosted me.

Anyways lemme go hype her post.


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