Month 1

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Iyonna POV

Next week me and the Saylin's are supposed to go to North Carolina. I didn't tell Giovanni because we were going for 2 days and it was strictly business. I didn't want to get her mixed in with my stuff. She claims RMS but I don't know how deep into she is. For all I know she could have just joined.

Unlike me I was born into it. So were my brothers and Father. My father doesn't really care for it, he just wants us out of the game. My brother says he's going to stay as long as my dad stays which is most likely until they die. I still haven't made up my mind yet about what I want to do.

I'm about to graduate soon and I know I should have my mind made up but I just don't. It's just that I love life now so why would I change it. I know I can't stay forever so I might give it a year or two after high school then start thinking. I do have a side job that pays well anyway. No it's not selling it hair and nails. I do people's hair and nails around my hood. I guess I could major in cosmetology but that's a lot of work.

This gang shit is dangerous but not as dangerous as they make it out to be. Well maybe it's just because nothing really scares me. Yeah I've seen people get shot. Have I killed anyone? No! If I have killed someone then I didn't know it. I've shot a lot of people tho. If body's could count for how many people I've shot then I'd have like 20 body's.

I guess you could call me crazy but if it ain't me or someone I love getting shot then I don't care. Especially if they ass claim thk.

I don't really sell drugs. Well I do but only weed. I have never even thought about selling that heavy shit. My dad won't let me sell anything at all but if someone comes up to me asking for some I sell it to them. I'm not giving up no good weed for free.

One time in 9th grade my so called friends were taking these pills. Me being the follower I was back then decided to take 2 trying to show them up . 10 minutes later. Literally 10 minutes, I don't know why it hit so fast. Maybe because I was so skinny and fragile back then. Anyway so 10 minutes later I was high as a kite. I don't remember nothing at all from that day. My Dad ended up telling me about it but right after he beat my ass with his belt. It hurt like hell. He got me a couple times with the metal piece.

He said, and I quote "you took 2 Molly's. I'm guess after they hit you started roaming the school hallways. You left campus and just kept walking. I heard from C'Man that you walked to the stop sign and started taking to it. When he asked you who you were talking to you said Elmo. Then you starting saying how it's always been your dream since you were younger to meet Elmo and you finally did. He tried to pull you into his car to bring you home but you started screaming "I don't want to leave Elmo" he waited for a little bit then picked you up and put you in his car. He locked you in and drove here. On the way here you were screaming out the window "help me someone help" he told me that he said if you shutup I'll take you back to Elmo. So you shutup and just sat in the backseat all happy. Then he brought you here".

That was the first and last time I took any kind of pills. Unless the pills were medication. I do have allergies so I take medicine for that. Those friends that gave me the pills. My dad made me cut them off.

Oh my gosh I'm so hungry. I think I want some wings. I might cook some because I'm not ordering nothing on the phone. The fuck I look like ordering food. Embarrassing! I walked downstairs to Swiss's man cave to see if he can order for me. If he doesn't then I'm going to cook them.

"Swissss" I dragged out. "What" he yelled. "Stop yelling before you wake your brothers up. Anyway can you order me some wings pleaseeee" "Sure if I can get some pizza. Also some pasta for when the twins wake up. Oh and more pizza for my boys when they come over" he said with a smile. I looked at him like he was dumb. He's not about to feed a whole basketball team with my money. I don't mind him and the twins but him and his little friends hell no.

I guess he saw my face because he started laughing. I stood there and said "Boy I'm not about to feed all them people". "Fine you can order yourself". He said knowing I wouldn't do that. "I'll just cook" I said walking away. "I'll have Nev bring Tiana over". Tiana is Nev's sister. She's a bad lil thing. She's short about 5'2. Darkskin with a big butt and some lil titties. It would be nice if she had some titties but she still fine so I don't care. She say she not gay but I know she is. She be letting me feel all up on her. One day I'm gonna hit. That day is coming soon.

"Mhhhhh ok. But if she don't come nobody eating. Also Jay'Lani is coming over later on around 10 so tell your boys to keep they hands and eyes off her before I shoot them." I said putting emphasis on "boys". He nodded then said "Ok imma order it." He ordered and I gave him the money. I left and went upstairs to my room. But not before checking on the twins to see if they were awake. I opened the door and they were still sound asleep so I walked out.

I walked in my room. I wanted to take a shower so I texted Swiss to keep in eye out for the twins. When I saw he read it I shut my door, walked in my bathroom and started stripping. My phone started ringing as I was Turing on the water. I saw it was Slimm so I answered the FaceTime and started putting my hair up.

"Hey bae why can't I see yo face"
"Because I'm naked and about to get in the shower"
"Ouu lemme see"
"No! But I can put you in the shower. You aren't going to see anything but my face tho"
"Ughh ok that's not good enough tho"
"Make it enough!"

I got in the shower and set my phone in a shelf on the wall.

"You gon pop a titty?"
"Maybe I will maybe I won't. You'll just have to wait and see"
"You always playing"
"Oh well now tell me a story because I'm finna wash myself"
"Ok umm let me see..ohhh let me tell you about this girl yesterday. So I met her at this club. She was twearking all on me and stuff. She had a dump truck. And I was catching it. We had shots. She took a shot of my body. She then sat in a chair. I climbed on top of her and she let me spit henny in her mouth. She was with all the nasty stuff. We made our way to the dance floor and started grinding on each other. Mhhhhh that shit was turning me on. So you know me I was gonna hit it. We went into a private room and went at it. Girl lemme tell you her tongue! Mane her tongue go dumb. This shit getting me wet just thinking about last night."
"Damn bitch seems like you had fun. I haven't gotten nothing in week"
"Damn bae"
"Yeah unfortunately I'm a girl. But God knew not to make me a man. If he did I'd have like 10 kids by now."
"Lol girl you stupid"
"Yeah but that's about to change tonight I'm finna hit but this girl don't know it yet"
"Shitt Ian heard nothing you do you"
"Mhhhmm anyway I'm about to get out close your eyes or don't I really don't care"

I got out the shower and set my phone up on the mirror but to the side. I waited until she wasn't really looking and flashed my boob. I then busted out laughing.

"What's funny"
"Oh nothing I just did what you've been asking me for"
"What have I been asking"
"I don't know. You tell me"
"Umm- you didn't... do it againnnnn I didn't seeee"
"Nope you should've been paying attention to me"
"That's not fair you told me to look away"
"Girl when do you ever listen to me"
"You right. Ughhhh!"
"Stop pouting maybe you'll pay attention next time"
"Yeah yeah. Lemme see your outfit"

I had on a lime green crop top to match my nails and some biker shorts. I did a 360 in the camera. I also tweaked a little but we not gonna talk about that. "Tiny the food here" I heard Swiss call from downstairs.

"Ok bae I got to go. I'll call you later"
"Ok bye stink"
FaceTime call ended

I smiled to myself because I loved when she called me that. I'm pretty sure she knew that too. She always call me that then starts smiling real hard while waiting for my reaction.

I exited the bathroom and my room. I went to go wake the twins and then head downstairs.

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