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Y'all not even taking they break up serious😑

2 months later
Slim's POV

I'm sitting in my driveway exhausted. I just got back from my tattoo session. One took four hours and one took two hours. It's only 4:00 and I have to go back for my last session at six.

There's two more cars in my driveway. One belonging to the bitch that call herself my girlfriend or whatever. And the other car I don't know.

She really not even mine. I just wanna fuck on her but she wanted a relationship sooooo. But the thing about it is that I don't even know her name.

Maybe like Kia. Or Kasey. Maybe Kaya. Something with a damn K.

I got out my car and walked into my house. As soon as I opened the door I seen clothes everywhere. I just know this bitch ain't cheating on me in my house.

I walked to my room and heard moaning. So I grabbed my gun out my purse and opened the door. When the door opened they both covered up. I didn't even get to see the bitch face.

"Y'all got five seconds to get the fuck out" I said cocking my gun. They didn't move so I shot the gun at the headboard right beside my so called girlfriend's head.

She screamed and they got up and ran out. I walked down the hall following them. The girl gathered her clothes and ran out my house. "Come on Niya" she said running out.

Welp her names Niya. I could of sworn it started with a K. The bitch must have changed her name or some shit. Mmcht yo momma wrote the wrong name on yo birth certificate.

"Slim baby I-" "get out my shit" I said aiming the gun at her. Which made her flinch and run to the door. As soon as she got to the doorway I shot at her making sure it grazed her.

She yelled in pain which I don't know why. I ain't fully shoot her ass. "I'm not the type to expose nobody nudes but I might just have to. But being that the whole state got yo shit I really ain't got no one to expose it to." I said as she walked off my porch.

"And that's why I fucked yo sister" I said shutting my door. I really did but at the time I ain't know they were related. Now that I think about it they do kinda favor.

I walked into my living room and sat on my couch. I put my feet up on the coffee table. Then I grabbed my tray and started rolling up.

"Fuck" I mumbled. Now I gotta disinfect my fucking room because of that bitch. Stupid hoe.

"Hey Alexa play RIP Roach by XXX TENTACION" I said. As soon as the song came on I lit my blunt and started bobbing my head to the music.

I'm just finna vibe this shit out until six. See that's what I get for tryna fuck every pretty bitch I see. Not gon cap she fine. Not finer than- yeah okay.



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