Trip to Virigina pt.2

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Slim's POV

I was sitting up posted on the headboard with Asjah in my lap. She wasn't crying anymore but she wasn't talking either.

"You okay?"'I asked. She just nodded so I dropped it. She'll talk when she's ready. So I pulled out my phone and got on it.

Five minutes later someone started banging on the door. Like really hard. "What the fuck man" Asjah said.

"Who that?" I asked and she shrugged. "Who is it?" I yelled. They didn't answer and instead just kept banging. "It can't be Tiny cause they was posed to come later" "go see" she said so I moved her and got up.

I walked to the door and looked through the peep hole. Hotels came in clutch with that shit. Looking through it I saw this lil ass dude. He probably only a good thirteen years old. He also was holding a gun.

"Issa child and he got a gun bruh." "Bet" she said and started rummaging through stuff. Then she came over with her stick.

Bitch got her shit customized. It's purple. Kiddy ass shit. "Nah gimme that" I said taking it from her.

"We not killing him." I said. I was talking regularly and not whispering because the nigga was still banging.

"Pussy" she said and walked back to the bed. Asjah don't care. That's why she got so many bodies. It didn't matter who you was. If you came at her with a gun, you'd better kill her first or you gone. It didn't matter who. Kid or not.

See me I don't like killing kids. It just don't sit right with me. But Asjah stay saying "if they living that life then they know the consequences. Or if you bold  enough to carry a gun be bold enough to die" Which is true but I just don't like doing it.

See the difference between me and Asjah is that you'd never know that Asjah kill folks. First glance and she look so fucking innocent.

But with me, folks know bout me. Partly because of my dad. But the other part is that I used to not care. Within three months I had killed five people. One being a kid.

His parents were so fucking distraught and for months I couldn't get their faces out my head. So that's why I don't like killing kids. And now before I kill someone I shoot them in the leg.

"Bitch he giving me a headache. Open the door" Asjah said. Shaking my thoughts away I opened the door. Hiding the gun at first.

"This is from Tai. Stay away from Tiny" he said then aimed the gun at me. I quickly moved out the way but he never shot it.

I looked at and he was shaking. Snatching his gun away I yanked him inside. Tai or whoever was smart because they had a whole silencer on it.

"Here" I said and slid Asjah his gun. Then I pushed him on the floor and he just laid there. I sat Criss cross applesause infront of him. "Sit up" I said and he did.

"Now why you carrying a gun you can't even shoot" I asked. "B- because sh- sh- sh" "calm down and stop stuttering." I said and he nodded.

He swallowed them continued. "She told me to" "and who is she" "Tai" yeah he gon die. He telling everything.

"Why are you listening to her?" "She's my boss" "you in a gang?" I asked and he nodded. "Why?" "Because my friends joined and I wanted to."

"Lesson number one" Asjah said getting up with the little boy's gun. "Be a leader not a follower." I could tell he was scared. He started slowly scooting back the more she walked over.

"Less number two. Kill before you get killed" she said cocking the gun so I stood up.  "And lesson number three. Get out the game before it's too late" and with that she shot him in the leg.

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