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joffrey x demon king reader  by psychomoonspirit22
joffrey x demon king reader by Luna queen
your the demon king looking for a human to play as your wife, you find Cersei Lannister, you make a deal with her, you give her power to win the war, and she let you mar...
Catnap x Dogday stuff by Belli_of_Troy
Catnap x Dogday stuffby Belli_of_Troy
I'm very very new to the fandom and just finished the games yesterday, this will be smuts, fluff, angst, and everything under the sun and moon, characters are 18+ in thi...
Popular  by Nope29881
Popular by Nope
"Why were you with her at a party?" Amara asked anger coming off of her as she started into my being. A shiver went down my spine. I've never seen her this mad...
It's Me by AvaOracle
It's Meby Ava_Oracle
Batman has an extra special mission for the team, there have been several attempts made on Dick Grayson's life and it's up to the team to keep him safe. How are they to...
sugar daddy ❃ lashton by teenagehemmings
sugar daddy ❃ lashtonby 𝐞𝐯.
' do you need the money? ' ' yes. ' ' yes what? ' ' yes, daddy. ' highest ranking ; 1 in lashton / © teenagehemmings | wattpad 2015 | ongoing WAS PUBLISHED IN 2015, DON'...
Slashers x Male Reader Oneshots/Imagines by LifeInANutshelll
Slashers x Male Reader Oneshots/ bimbo
Fuckin wattpad cropping my covers out of place Boy x Boy I do short stories with the reader inserted in or replacing a character in the movie, basically re-telling the m...
gay boy fan fiction by AubreeLucas
gay boy fan fictionby gay fan fiction
this is a fan fiction between grayson and jaxon. this has a lot of "fowl" language
Unlikely imprint by fandomsobsession
Unlikely imprintby Fandom_fanatic
What happens when Bella swan and her brother Alexander swan, came to live with their dad, Charlie. Bella meets Edward, like we already know their love story. But this s...
♡Jujutsu kaisen oneshots(GAY SHIPS ONLY)♡[Taking requests] by namesurname69
♡Jujutsu kaisen oneshots(GAY Name Surname
idk just oneshots- ship- SuguSato,Itafushi,NobaMaki,YutaTo,ShokoHime [SuguSato=Geto Suguru(top) x Gojo Satoru(bottom)] [ItaFushi=Itadori Yuuji(top) x Fushiguro Megumi(bo...
Jake and Johnnie Smut Oneshots  by Jellybeanbean0
Jake and Johnnie Smut Oneshots by Jelly Bean
just sum smut that I found on AO3. I'll credit the creators ofc. Re-upload since the last one got taken down 😒 All Top!Jake
The true Love by Shakira988140
The true Loveby NatashaMaximoff1234
⚠️ spicy ⚠️ Y/n, Wanda and Natasha accidentally fall in love with each other. But who will they all choose to stay with? What will happen in the future.... with the...
Incubus[gay sex fantasy] by Lustdillip
Incubus[gay sex fantasy]by LUST DILLIP
This is a story about a man (grey) who got sent to hell. Grey gets taken under a incubus's wing. There is explicit sexual content in this story. enjoy! Art not mine BTW
Love Me, Love Me. by SleepypizzaTvT
Love Me, Love mari
"Nnnghh..~ Ahhh~" Lucas moans "D-dont tease me- Hhnghh... Aahh s-shit~" He whimperd. His breathing was ragged, as he panted while Blaze kept teasing...
𝕮𝖆𝖘𝖈𝖆𝖉𝖊 ~ 𝕯𝖚𝖗𝖐 𝖝 𝖁𝖔𝖓 by ZeRoFuCkSgIvInG
𝕮𝖆𝖘𝖈𝖆𝖉𝖊 ~ 𝕯𝖚𝖗𝖐 𝖝 𝖁𝖔𝖓by Yessirrrr 💙
"You said you can tell a lot about a man by the way he skate"
Pussycat  by sarahpaulsonislife
Pussycat by sarahpaulsonislife
Y/n is in love with her mom's best friend Billie Dean Howard. What will happen when Billie comforts y/n after a breakup?
Unfortunately.        (S4S) by IEatCooter
Unfortunately. (S4S)by ✰ CooterEater ✰
Uh shit .... Hi🤣🤣🤣. (If any of your pictures is here N you want to be removed just let me know. No need to try to jump out yo skin. Nun of ts that I wrote about is ac...
The Professor is my Wife by BLACKPINKS_MAID
The Professor is my Wifeby Jenchulichaeng<3
Lisa is in her final year as a college student. After she graduate she will take over her family business with her beloved wife. Not to mention her wife is also her Prof...
Camp Alpha (BoyxBoy) by beautiful_and_damned
Camp Alpha (BoyxBoy)by Madeleine Wrangell
{Completed} Every year the future Alpha's get together in cities all over the world. This isn't a party, this is training. For five weeks the future Alpha's train in com...
The Unknown by Nope29881
The Unknownby Nope
A world full of fairy tales that you wish were true. Vampires, Werewolves, Dragons, ect.. But what if I told you they weren't fake. But they were real.. And they were ju...
Out of the Shadows: A Solangelo Fanfiction by fandom-trashhhh
Out of the Shadows: A Solangelo Sammy <3
-COMPLETED- Nico di Angelo is stuck in the Infirmary for three days with a stubborn son of Apollo named Will Solace. Who knows what's going to happen? On the other hand...