Season Finale

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Y'all better read this long as shit too😑

Tiny's POV
"When are you leaving?" Swiss asked as he helped me pack my bags. "Tomorrow morning" "oh. You told slim?" I shook my head no. I wrote a letter that Imma give to her it's not finished though. Its just sitting in my bathroom.

"Why not? When are you gonna tell her?" I shrugged I really don't know how to tell her. "Probably when I land" "Tiny that's not fair." 

I know it's not. I just don't know how to tell her that I'm leaving and not coming back any time soon. Especially since I promised her not to long ago that I'd talk about my feelings and shit.

"Did you tell her what happened?" I shook my head no. He's talking about the rape situation. I told them about it and what's been going on.

Turns out Taikei can't lay a finger on slim. If he even looks her way he's dead apparently. Some type of protection thing. I really don't know. But all the shit I been doing for him was for nothing.

"Yall not talking or some shit?" "Nahh. I was at her house after it happened that night. Cried on her chest too" "I'm not understanding" I sighed.

"I left before she woke up." "But why?" I really don't know. So instead of answering I walked in the bathroom to pack that shit.

"Yo. So what are you running from?" "Everything. I need to get my head together" "so you're not gonna tell her?" I shook my head.

"Look can we not talk about this and just finish packing. I gotta be up early and it's already 8pm" "ok ok. All I'm saying is that you need to explain this shit to her."

Explain what? That I'm throwing our relationship away again. "Not everything can be talked out" I said. "Ok tiny. This gon cause bad blood between yall." I know. That's not what I want. But that's what I'm gonna get.

I was about to say something but the doorbell rang. "I'll get it" I said then walked out and downstairs. I opened the door to see slim standing there. Ughhh I wanna cry now.

"Come here" she said opening her arms. I walked into her arms and she picked me up. I instantly started crying on her shoulder.

"Come on. I wanna take you somewhere" she said walking out the house. I just nodded and continued to cry.

She put me in the car then walked around. I wiped my eyes as she sat down. "Whatchu crying for?" Because I don't wanna leave you.

"Gimme a kiss" I leaned over and pecked her lips. "I'm guessing you don't wanna tell me about yesterday. So Imma let you tell me tomorrow. But today I wanna take you somewhere and talk to you" I nodded.

"Stop crying" she said wiping more tears. She sat back and drove off. "Oh them flowers in the back is for you" she said. I looked back there then grabbed them.

Awwee she got me flowers. And she sprayed them with her perfume cause they smell like her. I don't wanna leave no more.

"Where are we going?" "To the park on the hill" "we finna look at some stars?" She nodded and I pouted. The first time we did this I surprised her with this date. Now it's her favorite thing to do.

"Slimmmm why? Why are you doing all this?" "Because I wanna better your mood. Even though it's late" ughhh I love her. She drove all the way here just to brighten my mood.

"You brought food?" She laughed but nodded. Good because I'm hungry. We sat in silence the rest of the way. It wasn't an uncomfortable silence either.

I laid my head on the window and closed my eyes. If I could stay with her, just me and her. No one else but us. I would.

Slim's POV

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