Scary adventure

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Tiny's POV
The next day

Last night we didn't even eat our food. We took it to go because Slim wanted to be fucking nasty. We made up of whatever after she beat my ass. But it's okay though because I got some head.

She did infact tie me up. Got me sorer than a bitch. But it's Ight cause we gon thug it out. But anyway I ate my Alfredo for breakfast. It was Ight. Not the best but I was hungry so I ate it.

Slim left for work early this morning. I stayed here because I wasn't feeling good. But that was at like 9.

It's 3 in the afternoon now and I'm laying down. Why? Well because I'm hurting like a bitch. I don't know why though.

My stomach hurts to the point where I've been crying. I've also been throwing up. My body aches too. My body feels heavy and I feel drained of energy. I've also been feeling dizzy.

I haven't taken any medicine because it's in the kitchen which is too far away. It hurts to even move a muscle. The only time I get up is to throw up.

I have a bucket which I throw up in then slowly make my way into the bathroom to empty it. I feel so horrible.

I called Slim because I wanted her to lay with me but she said she had to do a tattoo. Which made me cry more.

Pulling out my phone I scrolled through Instagram. Noticing Slim was live I clicked on it. She was in her car driving somewhere.

She lied to me. Why? All she had to say was that she didn't wanna bring me nothing. Or that she didn't care.

I requested to join and she accepted.

"Hey. Y'all look at my baby"
"What's wrong?"
"I told you I don't feel good"
"Oh yeahhhhh"
"You said you had a client"
"I did?"
"But you're on live and can't come see me? You don't even have an appointment"
"I'll be there in a few hours"
"Just forget it. Don't come finish doing you"

Feeling my eyes water I got off live and threw my phone. Then I closed my eyes and tried to get some sleep.

Slim's POV

"Awwee babyyyy. She gon be mad at me y'all. Let me park."

You're a bad girlfriend if she was mine I'd treat her better
"For one I'm not a bad girlfriend. And for two she's not and will never be yours. So shut that shit up"

Getting out the car I walked up to her house with the bag I had. I unlocked that door and walked in.

Damn you can go to someone else's house but not your girlfriends?
"Y'all stay on my dick. she's at my house and I'm here you dumb fuck."

Anyways threesome?
"Oh you bold. But Nahh babygirl ion do threesomes anymore"

Walking into the kitchen I grabbed the medicine bottle and headed to her room.

"I'm not finna share Tiny. The fuck I look like sharing her?"

I opened the door and walked in. She was asleep laying on her stomach. "Definitely finna end this shit. Bye" I said then ended the live.

I sat on the bed and rubbed her back to try to get her to wake up. That didn't work so I started kissing her cheek and lips over and over again.

"Baby wake up." I said and she whined turning her head the other way. "You gotta take some medicine." I said rubbing her arm but she pushed me away.

"You mad at me?" I asked and she nodded her head.  "I sowwy. But scoot over" she did while whining. I sat on the bed and pulled her up onto me.

"My body hurttsss" she cried. "I know I know. Here take some medicine" I said getting the bottle and some ginger ale.

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