Fire fits

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Tiny's POV

We had switched positions from her riding my face and she was now ass up face down with her hands cuffed behind her back. I also switched to the strap after teasing her with the dildo. "Fuckkkk slow down." She moaned. "Nah you shouldn't have crushed the blunt. Wasting weed and shit" I said. Her moans were so fucking sexy. At one point I turned the music up because she was louder than it. "Kanyriiii" she moaned. The way she was moaning my name drove me crazy. Her pussy was squirting juices everywhere making a huge mess.
"Who's pussy is this." I said slowing down but still giving her deep stokes. She didn't answer she just whimpered. "Who's is it" I asked again smacking her ass. "Mi- fuck it's mines." Oh so she wanna be funny. I sped up and started drilling her shit. "Mhhhh I'm- I'm—" "nope hold that shit until you can tell me who's pussy this is." I gripped the handcuffs and went impossibly faster. I knew she was having trouble holding it in because her moans were closer together. "Who's. Is. It." I said slamming into her between each word. "Yours fuckkkk it's yours Nyri it's yours." She said squirting and collapsing. "That's what I thought." I pulled the strap out and began to eat her out from behind. "Shiittt no more. I- I- can't I can't— ahhh fuck Yonna" she moaned cumming again. I almost gave her another one because hearing her moan my name made me wanna keep going.
Flashback over


"Baby" I said tracing her back. She was asleep on my chest. She already bathed and while she did that I cleaned the bed off. Now here we are cuddled up. Well I am she's sleep.

"Baeeee" I said and she groaned. "Come on let's get up. I'm hungry" I said. She whined but didn't move. So I smacked her ass three times.

She groaned and moved off of me. Then she turned away from me and went back to sleep. "Baby get uppp" I dragged out.

"Nooooo" she whined. "I wanna go out. Like to the mall and then we can go eat." I said. She didn't say anything so I looked at her and she was sleep again.

I smacked my lips and got up. Imma get dressed first then wake her up. Walking over to her closet I stood there. We're definitely finna match so now I gotta find something for both of us.

"Fuck it" I mumbled. We just finna wear a shirt and some jeans. I left my green 13's here so imma wear those. She can wear her purple ones.

I took the outfit out of her closet then took mine out of my bag and laid them on her dresser. I looked over to her and she was still sleep.

She ain't waking up no time soon. So I gathered my shit and took it to the bathroom so I could take a shower.

FF she done showered, got dressed, brushed her teeth, and washed her face.

"Giovanni" I said ripping the cover off and straddling her back. "It's time to get up" I said kissing her shoulder.

She whined and stayed sleep. "Wake up" I said Sliding down her body and leaving kissing on her back. "Moveee" she whined.

"Wake up" I said playing with her ass now. She ignored me and kept her eyes closed. So I started smacking her butt. At first I went light but that didn't work so I started going full force.

"Ight okay damn" she said turning over making me fall off her. I laughed and crawled up so I could hover over her.

I hovered over her naked frame admiring it. I literally love her body. And the things I can make it do.

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