Ride or Die

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2 weeks later
Slim's POV
I was woken out of my sleep by my phone ringing. Not looking at the caller ID I answered.

"Slimmmm youuu answereddd"
I instantly recognized the voice as Tiny's. I was tempted to hang up but her words were slurred. She's definitely drunk.
"What do you want"
"You" she said all giggly.
"Can you just pick me up pleassseee"
"Hi there" I heard another voice. It sounded like a male. She responded to him and while they were having their conversation I checked her location.

Seeing that she was in my city at some club I hopped out of bed. I had on a sports bra and some shorts so I grabbed an oversized hoodie and my slides. Putting everything on I grabbed my keys and walked out.

That bullshit I said about not protecting her is out the window. This girl once had my heart. Well still does. So no matter what imma be there for her. Just from afar.

Bruh I got her back. Just from right here.

I'd really do a lot for this girl. More than I'd ever admit. And the reason for that? She has a hold on me. One that she fails to realize she has.

Starting my car up I drove to her location.
"Slim this man wants me to come with him" she definitely did more than just drink. Unless she's just that fucking drunk.
"DONT get in the car with him. I'm on my way to get you"
"She says I can't go with you" she said laughing.
"She won't mind" the man said
"Yes the fuck I would. Yo get away from her" I said speeding up.
"She good I'm just here to help"
"DONT fucking touch her real shit. Tiny don't go with him" I said rounding the corner.
"Slim he keeps touching me" she whined.
"Leave her alone"
"No no put me down" she said sound like she was about to cry.

I huffed took my gun out. I had arrived at the club already but now I'm just circling it trying to find them.

"Tiny where are you"
"I dunnooo" she cried.

I hit the steering wheel cause the car to swerve almost hitting someone. Catching it just in time. I put it in park and got out. I was in an alleyway now. Pretty sure they'd come this way.

"Slimmm" she cried.
"Yonna baby yell. Can you do that for me? I need you to scream"

Hopefully I'd be able to follow the sound of her screams. I waited like five seconds before I heard screaming. It was faint at first but I followed it.

The louder it got the faster I ran. I ran out the alley and around the corner to another alley where I found them. She was still screaming and he had her on the ground now trying to take her clothes off.

"Move the fuck back" I said running up and kicking him down. He rolled on his back and tried to get up. My foot came down on his chest making him stay there.

"You picked the wrong girl" I said then cocked my gun. We held eye contact for the second before I put a bullet in his head. I stood there and watched him bleed out.

"Slim" I heard tiny whimper. I took my foot off him and walked to her. "Come on. You're okay" I said picking her up bridal style.

"Thank you" she cried in my chest. "Anything for you" I mumbled. I really hate myself.


I carried her from my car to my room. Then I laid her on the floor and walked into the bathroom. I made so me bath water making sure it was nice and warm. She's smells like ass and alcohol. Damn sure not finna lay with me smelling like that.

Once it was finished I walked back to my room to see her asleep on the floor. I picked her up and carried her to the bathroom. I stripped her and put her in the tub.

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